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Hi everyone, Chinese songs are playing around the corner, that made me realized that Chinese New Year is approaching so fast. I feel like there's no enough time for me to done everything before CNY. Well, let's back to the tittle. 
On 19th January, I attended the Arty Professional Exclusive Bloggers Event at Busaba, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Arty Professional is a premium quality professional makeup brand from Thailand. Every bloggers had a great time in the session included introducing the brand, testing the products and learning makeup tips from P'Fee, Creative Director of Arty Professional.
Here's the Arty Professional products on the table. We could try every products we want.
The Sparkling Primer. It made your skin glow from within. Apply before foundation.
A prefect base is key of flawless skin. Complexion Modifier is a unique makeup enhancer for "corrective" makeup to naturally brighten and rebalance the skin tone to put your best face forward.
I'm in love with Marvelous Lip Gloss of light purple colors. The colors definitely looking great.
Ashley was using pink color of Marvelous Lip Gloss.
I know both of us looks stunning and kissable! LOL
Pictures with the girls. *The picture too bright because of the sunlight. 
My girls Natalie and Jane.
Another girl I love, Nana. *wink
MIVVA X Arty Professional Special Edition Box on MIVVA. We received some of the goodie on event, gonna use Arty products blog about makeup tutorial on next post, thank to Arty Professional and MIVVA. And Arty Professional products are available at Stage Cosmetics outlets.

Stay tuned for the next post.

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