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Hello lovelies! It was an amazing night! I just got back from the Klash fashion event at Mezza9 bar, Hartamas. So, what is so exciting about this event? Klash is a fashion event is to promote and support local fashion industry and showcase them to the public. The fashion was great and we met all our local talented and amazing designers such as Joe Chia, Influence PU3 and more. Of course, we spotted a lot of ultimate fashionistas there! Will write a post about this event. Stay tuned! 

Finally it's a brand new month. Time flies, too fast! I've started thinking about my future and realized that I have left being a little girl. I'm feeling like I'm getting into the world of becoming a real woman. So, the first difference between girls and women is age, am I right? Like girls are young and women are old? In my humble opinion is HELL NO

Why am I so confirm that I'm turning to a real woman. First, I take care of myself as best I can. A girl,  she would relying on other for too much and put a blame on other when she couldn't get the things she wanted. I was completely 100% like a girl. The funniest part was like, I thought I was a 'Miss Independent' and could take care everything of myself cleverly, but actually I was not. I was like waiting for others to take care of me or my business. Real woman do not waiting for the things around them to be taken care of by other. 

I personally feel that real women has positive thoughts, like they know that everything don't need to worry, only good can come from doing the best you can and staying calm and staying positive. Real woman gives hope to others in fearful situation and able to confront fearful situations. 

I became a woman at 23. Just a month ago. I know I'm a woman because of the all shitty I've been through. I able to do so much more on my own. I like to keep myself in a peace atmosphere and showing to friends around me the positives in life. I've started believing in God and pray everyday, be grateful for life. This post is just a little sharing with you guys, because I was like a SILLY GIRL, always jealous, envious, easily intimated and the worst part was I didn't care to control my emotions. I did a lot of immature shitty things and hurt myself including some of my friends. Of course, I know there are some 'girls' that have endured hardships and are not afraid of suffering, even though they could considered 'girl' because of their age. That's a good you know, keep it up! Remember don't push yourself too hard, you still can rely on others, but the key is balance and return the favor! 

I know what I really want in my life. Love from family is the best! I love fashion so much! Fashion gives me energy and full of joys. I know sometimes I was like a mean girl always judging people's dressing and scolding those fashion slavers blindly following the fashion trends. I didn't mean that I'm a very dressed well people, I know I have no right to judge but what I trying to tell is, the most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you've got to have a good spirit on the inside. That's what's really going to make you look like you're ready to rock the world! Everyday is your fashion show and the world is your runway. That's all for tonight! I love you all! Good night! 

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  1. First time leaving you a comment. Am totally love what you blogged about tonight! Good night too ;)

  2. You are rock Evangeline!!! Thank you for the post and love you 2 <3


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