Harlem Shake Filming Day


Happy Friday everyone, there's something troubling me now. I just stop thinking about the problems and most importantly is to be yourself. I always do things in my own way. That's my source of happiness. *wink

I know I may be a little late to blog about Harlem Shake filming day. The video still in processing so be patient to wait the BEST Harlem Shake video. Everyone knows the most funny parts in the video is one dancer showing the characteristic shake and jump cut to a wild party after the song's drop. We have our own script will play well in the video. Here's the sneak peak of our video.

Everything was on set. Everyone was changing their clothes because everyone have their own characters. Here's the funny surprise for Huan, we printed his face and made it to mask.
This is our talent director and scriptwriter Bee Tong with his wig. It's look like Thailand director. LOL
Nana and Miki MaMa were living in their materialistic times. They are pretend a material bitches and showing off their branded bags.
Ashley and Keat as break up couple. They would arguing in the video.
Duo Gigs as the twins. The weather is blazing hot! Sweat was pouring down my face.
Well, I know everyone was laughing at me. Because my characters is the girl who's plastic surgery like Evangeline. The ideas was pretty cool and creative. We are twins as well, so we could play it well. Of course, I made a big sacrifice for the Harlem Shake video.
This was what I'm look like after Bobo bound up my face and nose with gauze. Didn't embarrass me in the slightest because I didn't mind. As long everyone is happy on filming.
Coming up next is some hilarious pictures after the gang changed their costumes. We were all entertained by the boys humorous costumes.
This is my most favorite pictures. When Goku aka Evangeline fight with Naruto aka Ashley.
When Tinkerbell aka Nana met The Incredible Mom aka Jane.
The Duo as Evil Sister and Goku! I know its gone wrong with the GD Bible.
Okay, I think I should stop the post here. I keep laughing while I writing this post. It's really memorable and makes me happy. We should go crazy one times in our life.

Stay tune for our Harlem Shake video.
Happy Friday everyone.

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