In Wild Yellow Lips


Hi dolls! It's time to put down the red, pink or orange lips and go for something different. Honestly, I was well on my way to transformed my everyday makeup look. Do you ever wearing exactly the same makeup everyday? Once you find something you like, but in the end you still stick with your usual make-up look because you don't think there's much to changing it. It makes sense right? I don't agree with that, I love to create something new and different. Use contrasting colors to achieve a chic and youthful look is the hottest trend! So I decided to apply the yellow color on my lips, I know it wasn't an easy job but I made it. Let's play with Yellow lip!

To achieve a perfect yellow lips make-up look, I used 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment in Wild Yellow. (the packaging is good enough.) You can mixed it up with orange or pink for more color hues or just dab it on for a slight wash. This lip pigment is really Yellow and you will surprise that it is really good to blend in different colors.

Here it is on my lips! I didn't mix any colors with the lip pigment, I just applied the yellow pigment on my lips and you can see that it is not yellow overload. It came out a bit orangish but there still a bright yellowish on my lips. 

Red is being replaced by the colorful hues. Lips are the focus point of the look, so keep the rest of your look simple. Sometimes its good to be a style by playing with contrast. Pull off a youthful look with colorful pieces. 

Hope you girls love my sharing. 
Have a great day.

Posted by Cherrie.L



  1. You look like caucasiannnnnnn this way! :)Very beautiful! <3

  2. is that real? i never saw a girl with yellow lips, maybe i should buy one fo my wife

  3. I love this post.
    Perhaps I could try it for my course night?

  4. i know this post is about the lip color, but i can't help but notice how cute your jacket is! i absolutely LOVE it!!!:) was wondering where you got it from hahaha xoxo


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