I am a sneaker girl!


Youth makes us dumb sometimes. If you are reading this post now, I'm probably wearing metallic sneakers and loving it when you suffer in heels pain. For me, high heels are a thing of my past. My life in heels started at the age of 14 with a of black suede cross front heels from Mango. They were so beautiful and classy. I had direct knowledges of big girl fashion trends when I was 12 years old and I read a lot of japanese fashion magazines such as Popteen, Mina, Kawaii and Vivi. I guess this is the reason why I kept buying heels to home with me when I was in middle school. The black suede cross front heels sent me towards my shoe destiny. Half ankle boots, chuncky platforms, high heels jelly and shinny pumps and over 30 pairs of heels are in my closet. 

I loved wearing heels. I loved being super freaking tall, taller than most men even. I felt like a super model when I wearing a pair of killer heels. Heels instantly and magically dressed up every outfit like Boyish style, classy and elegant, casual, even the sporty look! I found a pair of comfortable heels too, like I never had my back pain. no toe crunching or sliding. The feeling was amazingly great when you fit in the right heels. 

My greatest triumph in heels happened when I wore Aldo black slingback to my company's annual dinner.  Guess what? I'm all about a good vamp on a shoe. Yes, it was feeling so good that I leaned forward the whole night. That's how adept at wearing heels I once was. 

I think some of you had the suffering in heels pain experiences. I always admires and respect those ladies walk in high heels all the time, no matter what kind of occasion. Give a big clap to those high-heels-ladies because of their perseverance! Honestly, wearing high heels are not an easy job. Those high-heels-ladies are looks absolutely fantastic with their heels. I wanted to wear heels forever. Who wouldn't want to wear heels forever? Until one day, I read an article from a magazine. it's about a ladies recounted stories of back pain and fallen arches because of wearing heels. This article cautioned that one day I too, would not longer be able to wear heels. Time is cruel, aging is more worst too! There is a fact that aging takes too much from us, for examples time, energy, calcium stores and also the ability to wear heels. Ha! Sounds like I'm an old one! The current me is like, every time my heels hit the ground, I did not feel sexy anymore and I couldn't carry those heels well! 

Am I feeling sad for that? At first ... YES! Right now ... NOP! Sneaker are great! It's happening that I am a sneaker girl now! I feeling much better in sneakers. I could run faster and looks stylish while wearing sneakers. My Air Jordan, Vans, New Balance and Adidas did not get angry anymore! A lot of ladies are seldom wearing sneakers because they thought that sneakers would make them look short. Listen to me, if you pay attention on fashion or recent street styles, you would find that sneakers are on the huge trend. Of course, I do embrace wedges and boots too, but the height of my wedges and boots collection are only about maximum 2 inches because I started not used to the heels height anymore. Check the pictures below: 

Let's think about it. We cannot know the exact date that the alien apocalypse will strike, but I will be wearing sneakers when it does. I will be able to run away from alien and easily leaving from the dangerous space. Think again! If I'm unfortunate enough to became a zombie, sneakers will still help me because a zombie in heels is hard to catch anyone and is easy tripped. So sneakers are win win in these both scenarios. 

Current love! Air Jordan One. 

I know this post is wordy but ladies, I will bestow the advice to you that was given to me once. Trust me, there will came a day when you no longer wish to wear heels because they will hurt like MOTHER FATHER XXX! Don't get me wrong, I still admire pretty heels, but as art. I do have thousand styling tips for myself, one of my styling tip is '' Be Comfortable with Your Outfit ''. Fashion is not about suffer, it is about style and should be have fun with it! So be yourself and wear comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable with your outfit, you would never feel like Anna Wintour in the front row of something. Now I'm like the queen of sneakers. They may not look so hot and sexy, but I'm too damn comfy to care. And I'm ignoring the slight bunion on my right foot. Ignorance is bliss for now! Choose your shoes wisely, create your own style!

Posted by Evangeline Yan



  1. OMG, you look so much younger in black hair! I'm not trying to imply you look old in your previous hair lah hahaha but I think black hair looks good on you! :D

    Celyx Lim

  2. I'm a sneaker girl too!!! but I'm not only short but my legs are quite chubby too~the ratio is really not good……

  3. Coul it be, that I haver Seen you Girls yesterday in penang in the eastern and Orient Hotel?

  4. Those are really a beautiful sneaker. You are looking so pretty.

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