Wavy Hair Tutorial With 3 Barrel Waver


Happy Monday loves! How's you guys think about my green dip-dyed? Personally, I'm satisfied with pale green color, it revamp my usual looks and create a youthful looks. Okay! Let's back to the topic. I've received emails asked about how I get a wavy hair look. I posted on my Instagram before and mentioned that I'm used the 3 barrel waver. I think the best way to answer all the questions about using 3 barrel waver is make a tutorial. So I decided to make a wavy hair video tutorial! There are lots of tutorials on how to use 3 barrel waver, I am gonna show you my way to achieve my wavy look and I will create 3 simple wavy hair looks on my video.

This is how I get a wavy hair look using my TSUYAGLA Waver. I have fine and very-soft hair, and this takes me about 15 minutes. It's super fast and easy to do. Here's the simple instruction to achieve wavy curls.

Make sure comb your hair thoroughly in order to remove tangles. Spritz a heat-protective serum over your head. This step will give you smooth waves.

Pin or tie the top sections of your hair so you can start working on the bottom sections first. Separate a fine section of hair and clamp down on it with 3 barrel waver. Clamp about half-inch away from root of each section and hold for 3 to 5 seconds. 

Remember each section is curled from root to bottom of hair. Release the hair you've tied or pinned on top of your hair and repeat with same step to clamp your hair. 

It's easy for everyone to make a fashionable wave. 
Hope you girls will find some useful tips on my video. 
Have a nice day!

Posted by Cherrie.L



  1. can I know where u bought the tsugayla wave?

  2. i love your deep dye color! looks great on you!!

  3. i want to get a triple barrel waver too but i can't find a good one. can i know where you get yours and how much is it?

  4. Cute hair babe! Very nice shade of green :)

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  6. Nice color of hair you have here. It looks good on you, you look prettier. :)
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  7. This is nice. You have an interesting blog, I was happy I was able to drop by. Informative yet not boring, I'm definitely having a good time reading this. Lovely hairs.

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