Behind The Scene Of Hanger Fashion Spread


Hi loves! If you follow Duo Gigs on Instagram then you might have seen that we on HANGER Magazine SS13 for Hanger Fashion Spread issue. The shoot happened about two months ago, as the concept was top secret, so we didn't share or tweet a lot about it. But here's the pictures are finally out on HANGER Magazine and I'm super excited!

It's all about behind the scene of this shooting. We didn't know much about how it going to be. When we arrived at the studio, Jane got her make-up done by the make-up artist Laine Wong. Jane's look is about boyish, the most interested parts is the make-up. They drew a thick eyebrows on her fingers. Sun Khiew is the stylist of this shoot. Her visual styling always unexpected!

It's my make-up time! Inspired ''Black Swan'' eyes make-up? 

Just a little refresh up before the shooting.

Why so serious?! I know it doesn't look like me. 

It's Evangeline shoot time. This is the most heavy black make-up she never tried before. They drew a rectangle on her eye and worn nose piercing accessories. 

Evangeline worn INFLUENCE collection. The collection theme is 'Ethnic Rock'. This is so powerful black look. Now you can imagine Evangeline in nose piercing look. 

Nana in something different! Is the ''Club Kids'' theme! Everything on her is colorful! I think it look so interesting with this whole look, especially the hairstyle. Another unexpected looks!

Nana is the most creepy and cute expression. There's not much people can recognized her with this look.

Ashley's theme is same as Nana. It's all about ''Club Kids''! I think Ashley is quite suited for the theme. The clothes and make-up just look nice on her. 

Funky or Happy?!

Hope you will enjoy those pictures, anyway for this shoot we wanted something different and very unusual. I enjoyed everything of this whole experience. Especially thank you to Sun Khiew from Lah Lah Land and talented Photographer Chuan Looi from Yipieyaya Studio.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Awesome duogigs! Poor Jane!

    1. Jane is pretty! pls dont say that!!!

  2. I like your eyes make up. It help completed the look :)


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