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Hello loves, another wordy post here. I really like to share my experiences and thoughts with you dolls on my blog. This is one of the way that I could release all my pressures and let everyone know more about me, find out what is my philosophy, and what am I thinking about life and challenges! I love to be completely honest with you on this platform and I'm just a kid with full of dreams and playful minds.  Today I wanna talk about Happy Living!

"Be independent, Be Confident, Be Grateful!" I always tell myself these every morning when I get up from my dreamland. I found this is quite useful to make your life easier and also a good reminder. Nobody is happy all the time, but some people are definitely more fulfilled than others. I wanted to be happy, and I wanted to be happy forever! There are studies prove that happiness helps reach your high achievements and increase the quality of your life. I don't like the old me, nobody love the immature and full of negative vibe's Evangeline, and I'm so glad that the old me is dead. Life is full of fun when I finally figured it out how to live my life happily. So, here are my little tips I would like to share with you, let 's learn how to enjoy our life and be happy!

The first one, add up all the little happy things that happen to your day. For example, you had a nice breakfast, your friends made you laugh, you achieved a flawless make-up.

Sometimes, selfie also another way to make myself happy!

Think positive! This is pretty important! Your boyfriend break up with you? Now you have a chance to meet someone better. You lose your job? Now you can find a better one. Being emo is wasting my time. Think your current situation and then think of how much harder some other people face it. Just be happy that you are not in that worst situation.

Pamper your body! Brain isn't the only organ in your body that deserves to be happy. Get up from your bed now and start doing sport games, healthy diets, and enough of sleep. Those are the golden keys in growing more happy. Don't forget eat right. Healthy foods gives your body and brain the energy it needs to be healthy.

Enough of sleep! The more you get, the happier you tend to be! I found the research said, getting just a single extra hour of sleep per night makes us happier than making RM100K more in annual income. Believe it or not?

Everyone expect the right job to make their life great. I think I'm doing good on this part. I am a workaholic, like very serious one. But I love being a workaholic and I AM TRULY IN LOVE WITH MY JOBS! I really love to blogging because I'm sharing everything I love with everyone! And the last last thing is don't forget to SMILE! Whether you are happy or not, your mood is elevated when you are smiling, so smile all the time you can!

Hoping my tips or tricks can unlock the happier you! Be happy. Always look on the bright side. The past is the past you can't change it. No one can. Just be happy.

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