Electric Blue In Casual-Cool Look


H&M leather biker jacket // Topshop crop top // Topshop high-waist silk trouser // Steve Madden heels //

I could say that pictures do the tell more than words, I love to snap pictures and share it on my blog, but I still like to have a little chat with you guys on my blog. One of the main reason I love to snap is that pictures gives us another ways to express ourselves. What I wearing is depend on how I feel and what kind of mood in my mind. So, snapped everyday outfits and blogging it's become parts of my life. Here's the casual-cool outfits I threw on really quickly. I really love this leather biker jacket from H&M, one of my best buy ever! For this outfit I paired the biker jacket with the blue high waist trouser I got from Topshop. Absolutely love the silk detail and the royal blue color. 

 These Steve Madden heels are simply gorgeous, but they are not too easy to walk and my feet feel a little hurt of wearing them. Maybe I'm not wearing heels quite a long time and now I'm not used to wearing it back. 

Two days left to Singapore for The XX concert. 
See you on this Friday Singapore!

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