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Hi loves! Just a quick updated since I'm super busy packing for Bali trip, last minute arranging everything that needs to be arranged before I leave. Today's post is about how to gain weight in my way. Before I share my gain weight plan, I want to show you guys the outfit I wore last month. I love to dressed with casual simplicity. Sometimes I just needs two items to create a casual outfit, a basic tank and checked shirt. I don't even felt like accessorizing since I was in a minimalistic mood. If you think the outfit is too simple, paired a beanie to create more casual street look.

As you see I'm look skinny as a stick, to be honest I'm not shy away from food but it never put weight on. Most of people are envious that we never need to controls on weight, but you guys don't know it's how difficult when we buy clothes, especially the bottom pieces. Sometimes I wish to have a curvy body shape. I know gain weight is as difficult as losing weigh, so here is one of my ways to gain weight: Eat often to gain. First step to gain weight definitely start with foods. So eat often and choose wisely, try to eat six times a day or at least three times. Focus on healthy foods, not just high-calories foods with lots of sugar and fat. Try start with nutrition foods with vitamins, nutrients and calories like fruits, nuts yogurts and healthy fats.
Void the brand basic tank // Topshop checked shirt // 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel // SSUR beanie // Agape cut-out boots // 

I know the post is short but I hope it will helpful for those people skinny like me. 
Can't wait for tomorrow! 
Happy Tuesday!

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1 comment

  1. Not only you have to eat more but you also have to watch what you're eating. Don't worry, you can do it :)

    Celyx Lim


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