Relaxing Vacation In Bali, Day One


Hello loves! We back from an amazing vacation in Bali. It feels good to be back and we are so excited to shared with you guys our Bali trip because we can't even describe how much fun we enjoyed it. Everything in Bali was great, our vacation was peaceful and relaxing. We did a lot of swimming, dinning and visiting towns, just what needed. We stayed at Grand Mega Resort & Spa Bali located at Kuta town. From airport to the hotel need only 30 mins, the hotel is quite convenient and very close to shopping district, entertainment area and popular Kuta Beach.

We reached hotel and had our lunch at Cafe Cinta, the restaurant inside the hotel. We ordered Balinese Curry Chicken Rice as our first meal, we thinks the curry chicken is a bit tasteless. After lunch, we were exhausted after the morning flight, so we decided take a rest at hotel room only decide what's the plan tonight.

The sun goes down and we awake from such a power nap. We decided went to Kuta Square for dinner. For visiting Kuta Square area walking will be more comfortable. There are many cafes and restaurants at Kuta Square with a variety offered.

We just enjoyed walking around Kuta area and randomly found a BBQ seafood restaurant for our dinner. 

Grilled Rid Eye Steak. 

BBQ Chicken and Beef Sticks.

We are satisfied with the dinner. After then we sit at the Bounty Discotheque Club for drinking beers and shisha while enjoying the happening nightlife in Kuta street. Cherrie is drinking quite a lot of Bintang beers and special cocktail drinks. Anyway, we didn't took much pictures in the club, but we have to say the night in Kuta street was fun!

We found love in Bali.


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