Relaxing Vacation In Bali, Day Three

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On the next part of my Bali trip we headed to Kuta Beach! One of the famous beaches must visit in Bali. It's all about a day at the beach, we love the beach, unfortunately the weather isn't that good. This is what I wore at the Kuta Beach after taking a swim and doing a bit tanning. It's very beach appropriate outfit, just one piece Zara neon yellow maxi and a orange denim short underneath the maxi. I'm really obsessed with this maxi, you might seen I wore it before, but this maxi is my must-have vacation item. Especially for beach, I wanted to be casual, but stylish of course.
Arrived the popular beach in Bali, Kuta Beach! You really can't give this a miss.

We looking forward to seeing Kuta beach, but the beach us crawling with tourist and the beach is just not that beautiful as we expect. We just walking by the sea and the place is just too crowded. There's a lot of people selling stuff, from surf gear to massage to hair braiding. Just be aware of the people walking around trying to sell you something. Anyway, since it is so famous, we still have to go for the Kuta beach experience. We really enjoying walking by the beach with bare feet and have some sunshine in our faces.

The hardest part of the day is choosing what bikini I want to wear. I wore my new-in PEACE tie dye bikini from Topshop. 
I guess I never get tired of the beach. 
After the experience of the Kuta beach, we having fine dining at Feast restaurant enjoying Apple Martini while watching the sunset. Sorry for being such a lazy blogger to take picture, we really needed a little vacation and being away from everything even though I love blogging but sometimes it's nice to let my work go a little bit and focus enjoying in this beautiful country with my love one.
Well, this is the last post of my Bali trip. It's such a different world here, so far our vacation in Bali is quite enjoyable and peaceful. We love Bali and three days was hardly enough time to spend in Bali and I hope that we can go back again. Hope you guys enjoy reading my Bali post.

Have a nice day everyone.

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  1. Yes, Kuta Beach the most popular beach in Bali, unfortunately, the beach full of people...and sometime the beach looks dirty.


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