Sporty & Casual Look In Singapore


 Topshop versatile jacket // Void the Brand basic tanks // Zara skort // 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel // Steve Madden sneakers //

A quick snap of what I'm wearing in Singapore last weekend. I love to wearing looks like these, involve versatile jacket with just fun, sporty and casual look. Feel free to wear sneaker and skort at the moment, the Zara skort has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet, because this is such an easy piece to throw on for a casual and comfy look. Well, there's some place I'm not satisfied with the is my flatty straight hair, I have no enough of time to curl my hair because I was rush in time to catch the morning flight. I think the look will more better with the beautiful wavy curl.
I'm planning on having an easy weekend, because I was so exhausted this week. I guess I need more time to myself. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your Monday.

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  3. Amazing...Singapore is the best place for shopping. There are many malls that full of recent clothes. I love shopping in the country.


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