A Day In Universal Studios Singapore


I've really been enjoying my time in Singapore. On my last free day, we planned to revisit Universal Studios Singapore. It's always a best ideas to revisit Universal Studios Singapore, inside there are endless of fun and interested places to go. Every time I visit Universal Studios Singapore, there are always developing new theme sections. For this time, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is the newest ride in Universal Studios Singapore. Lucky for us, we got enough time to play everything inside and catch the parade but too bad we can't catch the fireworks show. These pictures were taken during my time in Universal Studios Singapore. We walked to a cute little Hollywood street to get some churro and candy cotton. For us, taking pictures is one of the most important parts of writing blog. Because a picture can speak a thousand words.

This is the video for you to watch Duo Gigs in Universal Studios Singapore. There is lot of scene I didn't take in pictures, so watch the video to find out more fun.

We still find a great joy to visiting Universal Studios Singapore. The place make us play like a kid and brought all the happy memories.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Can I ask for the song's name?

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  3. omg you two are freaking pretty!

    *I love the last pic with you guys's smile :)

  4. You two look very pretty in the last pic!

  5. Very nice video taken. Feel like visiting USS again after watching your video.

  6. i love the site, my first time to check your page and it felt so lite. i love to travel, it gives more stress free and lite to my social life. having seeing you in those pictures makes me more inspired to travel to singapore, making friends with you also will be great and to travel with you :p xoxo


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