The XX Concert At The Star Theatre, Singapore


Hi loves! I'm back to blogging about Singapore trip and The XX concert. I'm really enjoying my time in Singapore and I really miss The XX live concert. I wish I can go back in that time again. The XX is an english indie pop band from London. We felt so lucky that we can finally listen their live concert at The Star Theatre, Singapore. I'm always have keep listening their songs from their first album until now, I can't help and I just really in love with their beautiful love songs with the futuristic beats.
The first day in Singapore we had a full day packed with activities. We started off with a heavy japanese meal at ION Mall then we took a stroll around the Orchard street. Although it's not my first time exploring the city, but the street never bored me. 
Later in evening, we walked for a couple of hours just exploring the city and shopping. Then we waited to get picked up by taxi to headed to the concert venue, The Star Theatre.
Two little fans girl waiting the performance start.
The XX performed is started. Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft sang so perfectly with their pure and beautiful voices. The light designs was visually stunner, it's make the performed more perfect.

My favorites part of the performance is Oliver Sim sang the love song ''Angels'' to end off the concert. Everyone enjoyed it to the fullest.

Here's the video we recorded very randomly on The XX concert night. Watch the video and listen to ''Angels'' by The XX.

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend.
Happy Holidays everyone.

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  1. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Duo Gigs, I liked to go to music shows on Holidays at a casino when two of my Vietnamese celebrity girl friends sang. I don't go to music shows any more because I have much more productive things to do. My brothers and friends play live music sometimes at weekend. For some reasons I stopped talking Dharma to them online. I have talked Dharma to much more girls and advertise my buddhist websites to plenty of girls extensively instead of talking Dharma to them and be known by their singer friends only :):) Girls everywhere are curious, and boys too, they need to know my precious Dharma teachings ~. Here are my two new translations from Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings:

    Eight conditions to have peace

    01. Having inheritance from parents.
    02. Have a secure career to earn a livng.
    03. Highly-intellectual (highly-educated).
    04. Have virtuous friends.
    05. For a male person: Having a faithful and virtuous wife. For a female person: Having a faithful and virtuous husband.
    06. Having a child (or children) with filial piety.
    07. Having harmonious servants and maids.
    08. Stay away from evil deeds.

    Translator explanations: 05. A virtuous person is person who takes refuge in the Triple Gems and upholds five Precepts of a Buddhist. He (or she) must go to a local pagoda to chant regularly every Sunday. He must read and cultivate what Buddha preached in the Sutras. He should listen to and cultivate like Buddhist monks (or nuns) preached in Dharma lectures.
    08. Evil deeds are preached by Shakyamuni Buddha in the Sutras.

    Eight conditions to have peace and bliss

    01. Listen to and cultivate like your Dharma teacher preach; honor or worship your Dharma teacher; respect your Dharma teacher.
    02. Teach filial piety to people.
    03. Respect the elders and humble with the youngers.
    04. Cultivate a nature of love, morality, polite and harmony.
    05. Save people who are in danger.
    06. Don't be selfish and think of others.
    07. For a ruler: Impose reasonable tax only. For lenders and creditors: Have small interests on borrower reasonably. For others: Know how to save money.
    08. Abandon past hatreds and resentments.

    Translator's explanations: 01. Honor (or worship) your Dharma teacher (depending on his level of spirituality. It's okay not to worship Him but never ever oppose Him (or 'Her') because when you oppose Him, it's no difference from opposing Gods and Maras 'classified' by spiritual level. Mara is the King of all bad and evil spirits. Also, it's no difference from opposing all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas classified by Buddhist very high level relationship. In other words, He is a closed \\\*relative*/// of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.)
    07. Explanation for ruler, lenders and creditors: Extra moneys are considered stolen money and according to Buddhism: Quite no good. You should read Buddha Dharma for much more info.

    Sincerely, translator Tam Tinh.

  2. Namo Amitabha, hi Duo Gigs, here are four translations of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings about husband and wife:

    Five things husband and wife respect each other

    Husband respects wife by five things:

    1. He treats his wife with politeness and reason.
    2. He doesn't lack solemn.
    3. He provides his wife foods and clothes.
    4. He gives his wife jewelries.
    5. He gives his wife chores to do.

    Dear Thien Sanh! A husband must perform these five things for his wife.

    A wife must perform these five things for her husband:

    1. She wakes up earlier than her husband.
    2. She sits after her husband.
    3. She talks softly.
    4. She respects and harmonize with her husband.
    5. She reads her husband's mind to please him.

    Dear Thien Sanh! These are five things a wife must accomplish to treat her husband. With such treatments, her husband is peaceful and doesn't worry.

    Truong A Ham Sutra (book 11).

    Natural association of husband and wife

    Husband and wife are like flying birds, they associate together and sit on a tall tree at night, being together just a short time then the sun rises up, each bird flies in a different direction for foods, when supporting conditions are met, the couple associates; when supporting conditions are ended (in other words, when opposing conditions are met), the couple separates. Husband and wife are also like those birds, their association or separation don't depend on their wills but depend on the causes and conditions, they cannot keep each other for long.

    Ngu Vo Phan Phuc Sutra.

    Translator's explanation: All phenomenons and phenomena in the universe aren't born, transformed or formed naturally but they are born, transformed or formed by causes and conditions. Causes are the causes of the Law of causes and effects, conditions or 'secondary causes' are to make or prevent the effects from being happened. There are two kinds of conditions: Supporting conditions and opposing conditions.

    Five kinds of wives

    Buddha tells Ngoc Da: "There are five kinds of wives: First kind is motherly wife, second kind is wife like a feudal official of a king, third kind is sisterly wife, forth kind is maidenly wife, fifth kind is wifelike wife.

    What is motherly wife? She loves her husband like her child hence called motherly wife.

    What is wife like a feudal official of a king? She worships her husband like a king hence called wife like a feudal official of a king.

    What is sisterly wife? She respects her husband like her older brother hence called sisterly wife.

    What is maidenly wife? She attends her husband like a maid hence called maidenly wife.

    What is wifelike wife? She leaves her parents, her relatives, intimates with loves and lusts, has different body from her husband but the couple has same thoughts, respects and attends her husband, has no much proud, takes care of domestic affairs and social affairs skillfully, has abundant family, receives guests, have praises from many people, hence called wifelike wife.

    Ngoc Da Nu Sutra

    Women should beautify themselves with their virtuous mind

    Buddha advices Ngoc Da: Women shouldn't value highly of their beauties and become very proud. Pretty face and good-looking appearance aren't beauties, only a female person with virtuous mind who has respects and loves from others is truly pretty.

    Ngoc Da Nu Sutra.

    Sincerely, translator Tam Tinh


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