Duo Gigs Hong Kong Travel Diary #1 : Tai Ping Koon Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Over the last couple of days, Cherrie and I traveled together to Hong Kong. I'd been to Hong Kong before, so I knew it was a beautiful and busy country and it was only half day experiences in Hong Kong because that time I was traveling in Macau. This time, our trip to Hong Kong was fun, comfy and interesting. We trying to catch up everything and I've taken so many pictures to show you guys. We stay at a boutique suite hotel called ''Benito Hotel'' at Tsim Sha Tsui, the hotel is good location for taking Hong Kong MRT. The room were so clean and modern and had everything you could ever need. If you looking into holiday there, check the prices online with the different seasons and months, depending on the time you visit. After checking in first thing we did was exploring our surroundings. We are planned our first meal in the Hau Fook Street which was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. 
We found an old-school restaurant called Tai Ping Koon Restaurant. This restaurant has been in Hong Kong since the 1930s, the restaurant is quite popular in Hong Kong because of their food. One of my friend Justin highly recommend we should try their soufflé. So we ordered the Swiss chicken wings, soufflé and cold drink iced red bean which is I think it's a must to try in Tai Ping Koon. 
We are addicted to Iced red bean, taste so good. Perfect cold drink for hot weather.
The Swiss chicken wings were good. 
We never expect that soufflé is so huge! The soufflé is big enough to be sharing in 2-3 persons. 

The highlight was the soufflé, which were light, airy and fluffy. It's delicious! I think I can finish this alone!
Overall, the foods is delicious and the soufflé is worth to try. Portion is big enough for more than 3 persons. Anyway, it's such a wonderful meal in Tai Ping Koon Restaurant. 
Right now I have to leave to attend my friends graduation show and the theme is about Hip Hop! It should be a fun night. Thank you everyone for reading anyway, stay tuned on the next Hong Kong travel diary post. 

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