Duo Gigs Hong Kong Travel Diary #2 : Central & Victoria Harbour


Here we are again on our first day heading out for a stroll around in Central. Central is a great area for a sight seeing, shopping and eating. But also the business district of Hong Kong. I got to see some of the main attraction of Central, including the International Finance Central building and Victoria Peak. We tried to go as many of my favorite place while in Central, and we made it to Ice House Street to visit some of my favorite stores such as Maison Martin Magiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Isabel Marant and I.T. Store. That was definitely a grab and run shopping spree. One time through just isn't enough. 
Just generally walking through the city was one of my favorite parts of travel. While in Central, Cherrie suggested we must visit Lan Kwai Fong, the small area is packed with restaurants, bars and clubs. After a long-day walked, it's a nice place to drink and have a short rest. 

Cherrie went on a drinking spree. 
After Lan Kwai Fong, we took MRT back to Tsim Sha Tsui. We went to Victoria Harbor for enjoying the Hong Kong night views. Everyone knows Victoria Harbor is one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong. I had no idea how utterly breathtaking Victoria Harbor would be. Here's a snap of me with the beautiful views. 

In Tsim Sha Tsui, there are so many popular and quaint little restaurants. We choose a restauranr for having some Hong Kong street-food as supper. We ordered cart-noodle and fake shark's fin soup which is popular and cultural icon in Hong Kong street vendors. The taste is not bad, the cart-noodle have some sausage, chicken wings, beef, tofu, carrot and more for the toppings. 
That is our first day experienced in Hong Kong. I had experienced the Central, Victoria Harbor night views, I ate delicious meals and I had a great time. 
Thank you for reading, the next Hong Kong travel post will blog about Disneyland.
Have a nice day, loves. 

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