Duo Gigs Hong Kong Travel Diary #6 : Causeway Bay

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Hello loves. I've finally blogged the final post from our Hong Kong trip in September. After looking at the pictures I realized how much we loved our trip in Hong Kong. To be honest, When you holiday is just come to the end and you're sad to be back to the reality world where you don't just get to spend your time lazing around. I have to admit I'm a typical traveler. I love visiting different places and shops in the city, looking around attractions and on the hunt for local foods. In the third day morning, we went to Australia Dairy Company at Jordon for breakfast. Australia Dairy Company is the popular restaurant in Hong Kong, their menu is simple and food takes minimal time to be served.

We tried their famous scrambled egg with toast, ham macaroni and steamed milk pudding. The scrambled egg is really delicious and the streamed milk pudding is rich of the milk taste. The place is the best to go for breakfast. 

Cherrie is not satisfy with the breakfast and we went to another restaurant for the second breakfast. This is another breakfast set served with pork, bacon, ham and cheese sandwich and oat. The Kawloon Dairy is my new favorite milk drinks.

Cherrie and I came to a general consensus about food in Hong Kong is good. We went to cutest cafe called The Dessert Kitchen. We ordered Purple In Love, it was one of the greatest dessert I've ever eaten. I really wish that we can try all of the dessert in their menu. 

Of course, we never missed to try Hong Kong street-foods, mini egg cake and spicy beef entrails soup. It's really fresh for me to tried these beef entrails soup, the taste were rich and spicy. All I have to say is spicy food does not suit with me. But curry fish-ball and mini egg cake are suitable for my taste. 

We are satisfied with the meal and we went to Causeway Bay for stroll around the street.

Causeway Bay is a very popular centre for shopping and dinning in Hong Kong. Of course, we went on a shopping spree and we bought Sophie Hulme tote bag, Helmut Lung jacket, Vivienne Westwood earrings, Hood by Air sweater. I also did a bit of shopping in cosmetics store to picked up some cheaper beauty products. This has been the happiest day of my life. 

By the end of the trip we both agreed that we will be visiting Hong Kong again in the future. I really truly wish we'd have more time in Hong Kong, it's a shame we didn't stay longer than 4 days as it would have been more amazing on this trip. Anyway, the trip was fun filled with great food, characteristic street, beautiful views especially at night and amazing company. 

Travel allows me take a break from reality and do the things I've always wanted to do. 

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