Leather Matched

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H&M top // leather pencil skirt from Bkk // Sophie Hulme tote bag // SUPER sunglasses // Agape boots // 

I was going through my photo albums trying to sort all of my pictures in order and I found these pictures that I completely forgot to blog about the details of this looks. This is one of the looks that I wearing in Hong Kong. A crop top and leather pencil skirt might just be one of my favorite combinations. As you know, crop pieces are on trend now and I love to wear it. I choose this black crop top matched with high waist leather pencil skirt. I think this looks I keeps it edge yet chic at the same time. About the bag, I finally got one of my wish list items, the Sophie Hulme leather tote bag. I've been searching this tote bag for quite a long time, lucky me I found this Sophie Hulme tote bag in Hong Kong. This Sophie Hulme bag becoming the best tote bag that I've ever owned, but I still on the hunt for another leather tote bag and the same silhouette in black is going to be my favorite. 

Have a nice day, everyone. 

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