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After a crazy weekend rushing and working, I must admit that it felt good to finally got some relaxing time and have a little beer and party. Let's back to last Sunday evening, I was attended HANGER AW13 Defying Graffiti Party. It was one memorable Sunday night with right kind of people and music. Before I start sharing the pictures, I would love to tell you guys about HANGER Magazine. HANGER Magazine come out twice a year - once during Autumn Winter and during Spring Summer. It's more of art on paper than magazine and it taking note of current fashion trends, style hot spots and the latest music and art movements. Probably is the coolest magazine in local. Guess what? I've never missed any HANGER Magazine since the first Hanger I bought from last year.  

I love reading magazine, especially fashion magazines. I personally prefer to indie fashion magazines such as Worn Fashion Journal, Document, Another and more. Indie fashion magazine has an edge on the mainstream when it comes to creativity. They have no boundaries in photography, styling and editorial content. The HANGER did a great job! Reading HANGER magazine, I can found that it sets itself apart from the rest by not following the trends, and instead focuses on the personal stories and what's happening in fashion right now. 
The HANGER AW13 Defying Graffiti Party was held at Marque Lounge. It's the launch of HANGER AW13 Street Art Issue!  As usual the party crowd never fail. The party dress code is "Gansta"! It has several option of the "Gansta" outfits, they included "Old-school Hip Hop", "Cholas" and the "Ghetto Gothic" style. The ODD Store made some wicked visuals and video for the party and they also use B-boys and B-girls from Elecoldxhot to dance in their KTZ pieces rather than models strutting down a catwalk. The party spinning by DJ Bunga and DJ NESH with the amazing Hip Hop music with some EDM tracks to keep the crowd on the dance floor.
There's a customary photo wall to every guest to spray and paints, it felt like being a "graffiti" artist. This is about "Street Art" and making fun!

I am happy to show you guys all the pictures of the party. My "Ghetto Gothic" looks for the party was kind of "perfect" for the occasion, not to gothic yet feminine, fun and sexy. It was a truly incredible evening full of surprises with great ambiance, fashionistas and of course crazy music. Me and the gang had a real blast attending the party and we snapped quite a lot nice pictures. 

You know what's great about HANGER Party? Hanging out with your friends and meeting with fun and fashionable peoples, snap like thousand memorable pictures with your gang. Thanks HANGER for the wonderful and memorable night.


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