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This week has been pretty busy, I've been working like a crazy person lately, a lot of events, photo shooting, projects and meetings. I know my blog is lack of updates recently, but luckily I've got Dayre for updating my daily activities. As some of you guys don't have Dayre, you should consider getting it. It's so much fun and convenient. It's really amazing if you follow your friends for more live updates, in my opinion is much more addictive than Instagram. Anyway, remember follow Duo Gigs on
Well, it was such a pleasure for Duo Gigs to be invited to the Mercedes Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week. The main runway shows held in Kuala Lumpur at White Box, Publika. The event is collaboration with 12 official fashion associations across Asia, with the like of China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and India, showcasing their best designer in one central location. There would be 24 shows staged in 6 time slots. 

Duo Gigs looks of the night. We're in matching looks, we felt like it match so well with each other looks. Just a basic H&M crop tops paired with Zara knee-length leather skirts, it creates chic, feminine and simplicity. 

The first slot runway shows is started with Kor-Deuxy and Salut de Miel from South Korea. Their collection is simplicity and chic. 

Tanya Couture from China. TANYA Couture collection focused on wedding dress. The designs is retro classic and elegance with elegance white, classic black and dark royal blue. 

Fang Fang by Li Xiao Yan from China. The collection is colorful and vitality.

Sofi from Indonesia. The collection designs is shown combination of motifs, and materials is been mixed together into a unit that remains sweet and harmonious with detailed embroidery and embellishment. 

Steve Tach from Japan. The collection is neutral. 

Depression from Singapore. The collection in signature monochrome. 

Avel Bacudio from Philippines. The collection is chic, stylish with soft and fine fabric. 

Joe Chia from Malaysia. As always, Joe Chia collection in his signature monochrome and minimal. 

We snap these pictures right after the shows. We love these pictures with our pretty girls. We rock the style!

The night went absolutely great. Meeting a lot of fashionista, watching fabulous runway shows. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

Stay Tuned for the next STYLO Asia Fashion Week post. 


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