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Zara striped top // Zara short // Balenciaga bracelet // 3.1 Phillip Lim pastel mini snatche //

Had such a busy and hectic week, so I spent my Sunday at home allowing myself do to absolutely nothing, just want to being little nice to myself. This is the outfits we wore in Singapore during New Year Eve. When paired with the right pieces, stripe can really enhance your figure and keep you looking stylish. I have always been a big fan of stripes because they look so effortlessly chic. The key to wearing stripes is always wear just one print matched with basic black, navy and white or brightly colored pieces. On the runway trend, designers were mixing wide and thin stripes or mix-matched striped with florals or colored pieces. Black and white probably the easiest and most effortless way to wear the stripes. The striped looks on me is comfy chic and perfect for stroll around the street. Stripes are fun and so diverse, you can dress them up or down. It's a neutral pattern that can pair with anything. 

Zara sweater // InFluence Phantom skirt pants // Sophie Hulme bag // 

I never tire of the simplicity of black and white. When I dressing with just two colors, shapes make a huge impact. Basic black and white are the staples of fashion and will bring you youthfulness and fashionableness. We've seen black and white combos just about everywhere, on the runways, on celebrities and on fashion bloggers. There's a variety of styles with this classic color combination. About the looks, I picked a solid-hued white top paired it with solid black wide pants and a pair of chunky boots tie the whole look together to create a streamlined and slouchy looks. My face is my colorful accessory, as black and white are sedate and perfect for having fun with make-up and I'm wearing hot red lipstick. 


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