Everyone wants to look beautiful with perfection in everything. Beauty will come with beautiful face and radiant skin. If you're on the hunt for a youthful look or a better face figure, you may have already considered Dermal Fillers. Injectable fillers have been used in cosmetic medicine for number of years. I consulted with Dr. Jason Yap from DRx Clinic to discover more about dermal fillers. Filler injections are a cosmetic treatment used to improve the appearance of the skin's texture. It can help to fill out deep facial wrinkles, furrows skin on the face, skin depressions and some types of scars. They are also used to make the lips fuller plumping and lifting cheeks. One of the main attractions of the fillers is that the treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary. The treatment is fast and easy. A treatment session takes about 15 minutes with results that can last about a year or more. Having a pretty face is not as difficult as it may seem. Any women can be beautiful.

There are a number of different fillers brands, so this is important for you have to know about what fillers are you using. Because you are injected it underneath your skin. In DRx Clinic are using Radiesse and Restylane which have become the two most popular fillers brands on the market. These are made of naturally-occuring materials and do not require skin-testing prior to injection, so that the procedure can be done immediately. Are they any risks? When injectable are administered by a qualified physician, complications are infrequent and usually minor in nature. Bruising may occasionally occur. After a filler injection, expect some pain, redness and swelling. 
Dr Jason was nice and patiently answering my questions and expressing some of my concerns. I've always have issue with my round chin and sunken nose. It makes me look like my skin is sagging. After consulting with Dr Jason, he said that could be fixed with fillers. So I decided to done fillers with my chin and nose as to give my face looks shaper and slimmer as well. 
Dr Jason gave me a red-evil doll to help me get thru the nervousness and pain. 
The fillers injection processing is secrecy. So I will only post the before and after pictures for you to compare the difference. 

As you see the front and side of my before picture. My chin is quite short and round and my nose bridge is not high enough. It looks my skin is sagging. 

After injected the fillers. 

My chin and nose is freshly injected. I'm so surprised with the results, it's works immediately! There was a little swelling but I still can see my chin aren't as round anymore and my nose looks sharp which I really love. To be honest, the injection was not painful at all but there will be this aching feeling that flows through my chin, but the injection under the nose was the most painful, lucky the painful only last 3 second. You can compare the before and after, the side of my face is quite obvious and it's really natural. 
Honestly I'm truly in love with fillers now. It's not only give you a more youthful texture, it also helps to adjust your face figure more pretty and sharp. Of course it's suitable for any ages. Thank you DRx Clinic and Dr Jason for making me feel beautiful and more confident in myself. If you're interested with dermal fillers, just make sure you do your research and pick a reputable doctor and clinic. I highly recommend DRx Clinic. They are really professional and their products is work very well. It's definitely worth having a consultation with DRx Clinic to find out what fillers can do for you. 
Hope that my fillers experience will help to get you know more about dermal fillers.
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For those who are interested, here are the contact details for DRx Clinic

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  1. how much will filler on nose cost ya ??
    is count by cc or count by area to inject?

  2. Is that pain and how long can it last? How much for that cost?

  3. I appreciate with your words; Dermal Fillers is best and effective treatment for more youthful texture. It helps to make face more sharp and pretty. It is more better if you will find reputed and well experienced doctor for your treatment.

  4. Dermal Fillers have become one of the most popular treatments in anti-aging today, due to its ability to kill aging signs like wrinkles, lines, crow's feet and so much more.
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  7. The best Anti-Aging Treatments skin tightening, Skin Rejuvenation is used to prevent the appearance of getting older looking skin.

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