Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West in Vogue


I really didn't want to have to write this and I rarely ever pay the attention on cover politics. We have the American fashion bible, Vogue. The symbol of high-fashion, aspirational living and elitism. About the Kim and Kanye's long-awaited Vogue cover, it is related to so many issues, so many grievances. I've never really kept my attentions on Kim Kardashian (blame me that I don't have MTV). I only know her by a sex tape, her shows and Grazia magazine.

I've read every single article about this cover, the feedbacks have devolved into a discussion about the ''right'' people to place on the cover of American Vogue or whether or not a ''porn star'' deserves such an honour. Is it a bravura business decision? I really don't know about that. Apparently many are with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was the one led the charge with a tweet that read '' Well...... I guess I'm cancelling my Vogue Subscription. Who is with me?'' Gellar's call had been retweeted over 8,000 times and favorited by more than 11,000 people. Vogue's Facebook page has been inundated with tons of angry messages. Seth Rogen and James Franco, who hilariously spoofed Kanye West's ''Bound 2'' video. Like Bryan Boy held out hope that this was simple some extremely troubling April Fool's joke that proved that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has a sense of humor after all.

Actually I have plenty of views and thoughts about this hard-fought-cover-thing. But I won't talk too much in this post. I'm just going to say it. I kind of love that American Vogue threw out this controversial issue. At least, I love what has come out as a result. The April issue is on newsstands now. What do you think about the couple on the cover of Vogue. 


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