I couldn't resist the Jil Sander's veiled beanies after seeing Anna Dello Russo, Rihanna, Bryan Boy and model Hanne-Gaby Odiele wearing their Jil Sander veiled beanies. Veiled beanies start popping up on Jil Sander's 2012 collection at Fashion Week. Today, the veiled beanies are a top trend because of the casual chic and sporty luxe trend. I love how veiled beanie style with a sporty outfit and heels. It's edge, mysterious elegant and effortless. Come as no surprise the veiled beanies are in a new trend that everyone love, it has been spotted on the streets of Milan and Paris. I came out with a thought "It wouldn't be that difficult to make one myself". Here it is as promised I've done the DIY veiled beanie tutorial post. It took me about 10 minutes to done this stylish accessory. 

To start this tutorial, you will need: 
A knit beanie
9" x 24" veil netting
Needle and Thread

Step 1: Place the beanie in the centre of the netting, offset by about 3 inches. 

Step 2: Fold the two ends towards the centre of beanie.

Step 3: Overlap the two sides of netting and sew the two edges together to the beanie with a single stitch. 

Step 4: Now folding down one sides in half. Sew the edges to the beanie with another stitch. 

Step 5: Fold the other side netting down and repeat the same step on the other side. 

Step 6: Fold over both sides in half again to the same centre point. Sew the edges to the beanie with another stitch. 

Step 7: This is the front and back of the beanie. The netting is stitched in place you can fold up the cuff of the beanie hiding the stitching and the folded netting. 

It's done! Put your veiled beanie on pull the netting as low as high as you like. It's very easy to make your own Jil Sander inspired veiled beanie. The mysterious veil fabric combined with the beanie makes such a fun and eclectic mix. I've made this boyish feminine veiled beanie so it will look absolutely cool with any looks.

No matter what your wear: hat or beanie. Today I've seen so many mixes and matches, but we have to admit, that veiled ones are the most outstanding and daring ones. Hope you will love my DIY Jil Sander veiled beanie tutorial. 



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