I had the most incredible Saturday at sloggi "Think Green, Think sloggi" event at The Centre Park, Desa Park City. I can't wait to write about it. Probably you already had a big sneak peek I shared on my Instagram and Facebook. Well, I pretty sure everyone is familiar with the lingerie brand called sloggi. I love sloggi design is comfortable, fashionable and most importantly price is adorable. About the event, I can say "Think Green, Think sloggi" is an one-of-akind event. To celebrate sloggi's love for Mother Earth, sloggi paraded it's fourth eco-friendly collection called Love Cafe on a "mobile" fashion runway. It's Malaysia's first fashion show on a "mobile', instead of building a stage, the runway will onl fold when models struts down on green carpets that are rolled out simultaneously. Short carpets will be "recycled" forward to create an interesting moving stage.

I'm glad to introduce their latest eco-friendly collection called Loved Café. The Love Cafe collection is not only highlight sloggi's eye catching colors, they are made from recycled coffee ground fabric. U sing a highly innovation yarn produced in an energy efficient way, each chemical-free fabric delivers truly amazing natural benefits. What makes me feel so excited that it is totally UV-resistant, quick drying, minimizing body order and keeps the wearer cool. I personally love the collection so much because their soft pastel colors and I tried the coffee lingerie, it's fits perfectly and comfortably. It's so easy that you can help the environment and look and feel great at the sometime with sloggi Love Cafe collection.

So happy they have free coffee for everyone who attended the event. Don't know what I'd do without delicious coffee throughout the day. 

Everyone dressed in different hues of green and everyone looked nice with their own green outfits.

The most exciting "mobile" fashion runway! These beautiful models sauntered down on short freen carpets with beautifully-decorated floral bicycled. The runway is surrounded by sloggi's green balloons, it's so interesting and fun how they rolled the short carpets while doing the fashion walk. The whole "mobile" fashion runway was very interesting.

It's all about go green and save the environment. I want to be a green advocate, so I pledged my commitment which I wrote down on the green balloon. I pledged to use my own shopping bag and NO PLASTIC BAG! You can be a green advocate just like me. Pledge how you play a part of being eco-friendly on you Instagram or Facebook by #sloggithinkgreenMY and tag @sloggimalaysia, and you will stand a chance to win an eco-staycation at Sekeping Serendah! I've done my pledge, what are you waiting for?

I had a short interview after the event. The video interview will feature in sloggi Facebook page. I was a bit nervous doing the interview, hope that look not too obvious on the video. Other bloggers and celebrities will feature on the interview too, make sure to check it on sloggi Facebook page.

Definitely I will share all beautiful pictures during the event.

This "Think Green, Think sloggi" event is such a meaningful, motivation and fun activity. I am so excited for everything that sloggi in processing and the direction of save the environment are taking. After attending the event, I feel like being a little bit more eco-friendly is not that hard really. As simple you can wear a set of sloggi coffee lingerie collection just like me. Thanks sloggi for this wonderful experience.


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