A week ago, I was attended LLL + 4 event which is showcasing a live show by four talented Malaysia designers; Joe Chia, Pearly Wong, Justin Chew and InFLUENCE. It's all about art and fashion, so it's no surprise that they express themselves through some seriously creative presentations. The event started off with Justin Chew's short video presenting his collaboration with graffiti artist Nestwo. The second video played was a collaboration with photographer Danny Lim. They took off the drape and revealed their graffiti wall to the public and everyone stay tuned for their collaboration sweater will be available by early September. 

If you think that's all about Justin Chew presentation, you're wrong. There was a mini workshop by Justin Chew to live demonstrate the process of silkscreen printing. The best part is they are doing free silkscreen printing for everyone who would like the silk screen to be on their clothes. Personally, I like these words: Nothing is ever gonna be enough!

The next was InFLUENCE talk about their label and inspiration. 

Joe Chia 02 signature sweater is restocked and with a good cause. Joe Chia has pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds will go to medical supplies, food, and hygiene kits to the displace families. Dear fashion lovers, let's be a part in helping those affected in Gaza. You can purchase the Joe Chia 02 signature sweater at Sungai Wang LLL+ and Bangsar Thisappear. 

Yup! No surprise! It's me again to be one of Pearly Wong's fashion runway presentation models. They played a fashion video presenting Pearly Wong Fall Winter'14 collection and the following on is five models showcased different ways to transformed the multifunctional apparels in Pearly Wong Fall Winter'14 collection. 

The big moment has come at last. Four designer together to work on a piece of appeal. 
This is the appeal done by four designer; Joe Chia, Pearly Wong, Justin Chew and InFLUENCE.

Pictures by Lookot & Streething

The event was completely successful. I adore the graffiti wall and love every pieces from Pearly Wong Fall Winter'14 collection, not to mention Joe Chia and InFLUENCE did inspired me a lot. Honestly, awesome!


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