PUMA has formally launched its new brand platform, #ForeverFaster. It is actually a global campaign which was launched at the same time worldwide and we witnessed it at Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. #ForeverFaster is about PUMA making a statement as a brand and reminding people that PUMA will continue to be the fastest sport brand in the world. 

Group picture with PUMA Friends, Melvin Siew and the PUMA Red Wall. 

The highlight of event was challenging the PUMA Red Wall. It is 3-meters wall to run and climb it to reach the top. Alright, I am filled with the desire to challenge the red wall. Before start the challenging, every challenger have to worn a pair gloves and a helmet video camera to capture your expression while you were challenging the walk wall. This is fun and the helmet is a little bit for my small head, so they have to pull the strap tightly. 

Let's start the challenge! As you can see from the pictures, there's quite a lot people is watching me challenging the red wall. 

Photos by Jane Lee
It's too bad I didn't make it but it was so close! I had barely caught the wall but I have no enough strength to climb it up. Anyway, this is a great challenge for me and we love doing our best for challenge. 

Here's the video to check out challengers who ran up the PUMA Red Wall. 

Post by PUMA.

I am Forever Faster.


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