Almost week ago, John Galliano was named creative director of Maison Martin Margiela. The big fashion news brought me a lot of memories. I might recall that John Galliano was one of the world's most widely-respected and highly-regarded designers, until he was fired from that post in 2011 for making anti-Semitic outburst in a Paris bar. The fashion industry unanimously shunned and avoided him, he lost his position as the creative director of Christian Dior, and we lost his news from since. 

So, his appointment to Margiela is confirmed. Even Margiela fan Kanye West tweeted excitement over John Galliano's fashion return. It is a good news to share and talk about it, but my thoughts on the John Galliano at Margiela is complicated. Maison Martin Margiela is a brand knowns for its slouchy immaculate tailoring suits; John Galliano is known for his way with delicate femininity, glamour design and color. They have very different customer types. How will two such different visions come together? When I heard the news, the first thought in my head was,"Nowadays, the fashion world needs high-exposure-celebrities to catch people's attention". I mean YES! John Galliano is a truly talented designer and I believe Mr. Galliano at Margiela will present a nice challenge if he's in control of his destiny and make a concerted effort to take care of his issue. Anyways, I'm happy to see John Galliano back in the industry and I hope his creativity will be put to good use. His debut show for Maison Martin Margiela will take place during the January couture. We'll see how this go.

Recently, I am obsessing with art. You will noticed if you pay attention on my Instagram. Of course, I still on the learning stage on how to develop my taste in reading arts. This is not a easy challenge to me, but I'm enjoying with it. Today, I would like to share you an artist John Baldessari. The conceptual artist has teamed up with fashion and art publication VISIONAIRE for its VISIONAIRE 64 ART issue. The issue's theme is self-portraits or high-art "selfies", and re-imaged with John Baldessari's color interventions. It's bring me joys when I saw the famous faces like Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, Miley Cyrus and more putting dots over their faces. The issue of VISIONAIRE is about giving the power of image to the subject. 


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