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It's hard for somebody to live with me, I think. My time is inflexible and my temper is getting hard to please. If I were living with myself, I would get sick and tired of it, and all of my friends have to learn how to define their space for me. Well, just a little heart-to-heart-talks here with you. Same old same old, cut the craps and back to the point of the post. There is no hesitation in blogging about the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Part 2. After a night of OT(over-time), and only few hours of sleep, I finally got myself ready and write about this post. 

Yohji Yamamoto
Yohji always has a power of making everyone match for the enigmatic strangeness of his clothes. In this collection, I saw the loosely secured dresses, off-kilter blazer, lace-lined leather coat and layering of spaghetti-strap slips, the message that I received from this collection is Sexy. I know that's a word that you don't see often around Yohji, but there was no other conclusion from his spring summer 2015 collection. Still vividly remember he had mentioned that he think to fit clothes too tight on women's body is for the amusement of men. It doesn't look noble. Also, it is not polite to other people to show off too much. "Simply, I wanted to break this taboo from a long time ago," he said. Guess I already got the answer from him. It is the first where his entire collection sticked by his new beliefs and revolved around such displays of delicately fabrics and models.

I have to say, the Japanese designers are fabulously talented at tailoring, so does Jun Takahashi. The fashion show was set with giant cherries for runway props, and for the finale, Jun Takahashi sent the models back out all in black, with feather wings to match. With Bosch-printed dress with a eye-catchy feathered belt, the wood print dresses, motorcycle jackets, multilayered tulle skirts, and the plastic body jewelry, all of these will be plenty to buy, at least for Undercover devotees. "Pretty Hate Bird", what a good show!

Maison Martin Margiela
This season, the Maison Martin Margiela wasn't showing its strong individually and quirky tendencies. Familiar stretchy nude body suits were layered over other garments like asymmetrical floral printed fabrics and men's suiting. As concept go, this wasn't a big one and compared to collections in the recent past, it will not linger long in my head. But, a vivid orange-red floral jacquard top and wrap skirt and slim dresses and skirts crafted out of what looked like vintage Japanese fabrics were the show's best outfits. 

Junya Watanabe 
There's always a surprise from Junya Watanabe. Rubber swimming caps, PVC, leather, glitter and Perpsex - all of these could be found in Junya Watanabe's latest spring summer collection. Just like his mentor Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe is a designer who knows how to have fun with fashion, and in this collection Junya Watanabe played with bold color and circular piecing. The silhouettes from this collection were abstract and sculpted and the abstract geomatrics, oversized polka dots, breton stripe prints were the key to the collection.


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  1. hi there yup im thinking of queieng for the HMXWang too lol! ;D btw your selection of recent paris fashion week is totally a difference vibe. cool!


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