It's not a secret that I've finally done my double eyelid stitching at Rachel Chew Clinic. I don't know about you but to me double eyelid surgery has become the most common and popular cosmetic procedure. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I do have double eyelids but it is uneven eyelids. Before I did my double eyelid stitching, I have to apply double eyelid tape everyday to creating the wider and even eyelids. I'm not saying that I'm not satisfied with my own double eyelids but I have to admit that I'm more confident with my eyelid tape cause it makes my eyes looked more attractive. Day by day, I started get bored to applying eyelid tape everyday and people will noticed my double eyelid tape, so I took the plunge and decided to get a double eyelid stitching. 

Here are the pictures before I did my double eyelid stitching.

Double eyelid stitching which can create a natural-looking crease and Dr Rachel was trained on this technique in Taiwan and has performed hundreds of these procedures. Non-surgery double eyelid also knowns as the suture technique, this procedures temporary-lasting results but is a reversible procedure. The benefits of this including: Virtually scarless folds, naturalness to the creases and fast recovery. It is suitable for eyelids without fat and sagging. 

There are two main crease shapes: tapered and parallel.

A tapered crease is lower in the inner corner and higher in the outer corner. The majority of Asian look best with a tapered crease, and the degree of tapering is customized for each patient. 

A parallel crease is of equal height in the inner and outer corners. This crease shape can be suitable for Asian who have deep set, relatively hollow upper eyelids and a lack of an epicanthic fold. 

My recovery time took me about two weeks. Dr Rachel told me that there's no makeup and contact lenses for the first two weeks right after eyelid stitching. Of course I did follow Dr Rachel instructions and advices. Also they suggested to drink barley water during the recovery tome because it will be healing even faster, so I followed and it really recovered in a week. Here are some pictures of my recovery time: 

1 weeks:


And now…

Here are the pictures with my usual eye's makeup:

I am satisfied with the result, it's very natural and makes my eyes look bigger, brighten and more youthful. To be honest, people surrounding me don;t even noticed I have done my double eyelids but they do noticed that I am getting more attractive. Good thing about it is, I save more valuable time without applying eyelid tape and I'm getting more confident without heavy eye's makeup. 

Thanks to Dr Rachel always making me more beautiful and confidence. For those who are interested in double eyelid stitching I definitely will recommend Rachel Chew Clinic. 

Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia



  1. This is a terrible thing to do, it is teaching sons and daughters that there is something wrong with their eyelid shape. My brother and I are a polynesian/ maori/english/italian heritage and my brother is very Asian looking where as I am very European looking, there is nothing wrong with Asian eyes. They are beautiful the way they are!

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  3. Hi , is there any post operation check up needed? Because we dont need to remove the stitch, right? So, during recovery time... Did you meet the doctor again?

  4. What a rubbish first comment. There is nothing wrong with Asian eyes but there is nothing wrong with this procedure as well. This is not much difference from makeup, plucking eyebrows, trimming pubic hair, eyebrow tattoo and the list goes on. If Anon wants to stop all these "teaching the youngsters that there is something wrong with themselves", stop the MASS MEDIA first.

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  6. is it uncomfortable when you open your eyes?

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