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Thinking about Valentine's Day next week, I wonder what type of gifts are consider as "Trendy". While roses are girl's best gift on Valentine's Day, I've realized there are a lot of other options out there that might fit better for that special one in your life. One thing for certain, jewelry is still a popular gift, and I believe Tranz collection from Poh Kong is one of the best choice. 

Tranz, the first designer gold jewelry in 22K gold, is inspired by design to bring out the spirit of self-expression and independence of the contemporary, urban men and women. Tranz is appealing to the new kind of beauty based on intelligence, real accomplishment and a strong of individuality. Also, it inspires the wearer with a renewed determination of optimism, confidence and vitality. 

Pink, red, pearl, or floral-printed pieces are always the go-to on this lovely day, but don't be afraid to think out of the box and go for other different looks on this Valentin's day by pairing Tranz Love collection. Believe me, gold never gets old! The shiny luxe allure of gold is back in a big way. You can see from fashion, furnishings, interiors and accessories are all pairing with gold. Gold are timeless. They are just as fashionable today as they were hundreds of years. A classic design of gold jewelry is a beautiful way to style your look, but you can choose a more unique design to create a high-fashion look. Still have doubt about it? Let me show you how to style differently on this Valentine's Day with Tranz collection. 

If you're going to spend a romantic night in the town with the boyfriend or hubby, rock a sexy, yet still sophisticated, biker jacket and accessorize with Tranz Duet collection. 

Pendant made of 9K yellow gold and white gold with Agate. The kingly air of the lion immediately commands attention in the pendants featuring expert graphic drawing of the lion's ferocious face. The pendants are available in yellow gold and toned in white on the other side.

Also, you can play it sporty and casual with a printed skirt and a crop top for a sporty-sexy-look. If it's cold outside, just put on a bomber jacket with your favorite ankle boots or lace-up booties. 

If you're keeping your date on the casual side or going to a movie date, be fun and flirty by combining a simple lace dress and denim shirt. Don't forget to add a pop of color with your gold jewellery to make you look trendy and edgy. 

Pendant made of 9K yellow gold with black plated gold. While plated gold line swirled and twirled on this beautifully designed marine-themed anchor. Wear it with 916 gold chain for a free-spirited allure.

Everyone knows what a heart means. It can replace the word "love" in a poem. It can act as the closing of a letter for the one you love. On this Valentine's Day, present one of the fine jewellery which are inspired by the honeycomb, new honeycomb from Tranz Love collection. Now you can express your love to that special someone in one perfect symbol.

For single ladies who will be sipping champagne at the club or pub, go for a chic and sexy red dress and pair with gold jewelry from Tranz Love collection and a fab pair of pumps that will have you looking and feeling fabulous on this amorous day. If you want something romantic, dress yourself in pure white oversized-knitwear with Tranz Love collection to look more feminine. 

Tranz Love collection made of 22K (916) yellow gold is inspired by the intricate details of a honeycomb that represents the sweetness and purity of love. The Tranz Love collection comprises of a pendant, ring, bracelet and earrings. 

For a romantic date night, one of the back-to-basics Valentine's Day black dresses for women is an oldie but a goodie. You can look sexy yet classy in a classic black dress paired with modern-designed gold jewelry. Add a bit go pizzazz with gold jewelry to hold that red lipstick you'll be reapplying! 

Break away from the cliche Valentine's Day outfits and make your night a little steamier. Look sexy at the club with your closest girlfriends in this dress with subtle accessories. Sometimes less is more, especially in a club. All you need is a simple dress that makes a serious fashion statement, some simple unique jewelry to dress it up a notch. 

Jewelry featuring detailed gold wings is looking sweet. Made of 22K yellow gold wing necklace, the pair of wings that forms the beautiful y-chain signifies wings of eternal love.

The Tranz collections are available at Poh Kong, Poh Kong Gallery, Diamond & Gold, and Gold Boutique. Website: Facebook:


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