Excited to finally be sharing with you my Berlin travel diary. So the past couple of months I've been traveling nonstop. For me, traveling inspires me a little bit with every flight and every new person I met on my travels. I've never been to Berlin before so it was amazing to get away for a month to attending Berlin Fashion Week and just relax for a vacation. After more than 24 hours of traveling and transiting, we finally made our way to Berlin! We arrived at morning and the weather there is so cold! It's only 2 degrees and I have to open my luggage immediately to put some winter coat on. I think you guys can imagine my freezing face. 

Berlin there's always something new to see and something new to discover. Everything in Berlin was so new, fresh and unexpected to me, it's definitely a new art and fashion ground to explore. We stayed at Fregestrasse, one of the most interesting part about traveling is to stay at comfy and cozy apartment, and the apartment in Fregestra├če really was the perfect place to enjoy our stay in Berlin. And here's picture we took at out site of the apartment. Don't you think Berlin have the best places to take picture? 

That day, we had a lovely time hanging around with Pearly and Laine. We took metro to Friedrichstra├če station for dinner and visit Pearly Wong Pop Up store Quartier 206 Departmentstore. We all simply having fun, shop grocery and enjoy every bite at Oh Angie! restaurant.  

It's just a quick updated of my first Berlin post, but still I hope you guys will enjoy reading the post, I can't wait to show you guys more pictures of our trip. 


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