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The last couple of days have been quite hard on me. As you might know, I have attended the Club 21 x Pavilion Pit Stop fashion show last week. It's been a super busy, extremely hectic, overwhelming, and mesmerizing fashion week season. I have to admit, it made me exhausted after going through such an intensive schedule but I still enjoy the whole fashion show. It was fun to be there and be surrounded by so many incredibly talented people. The DKNY x Pavilion Pit Stop Fashion Show presented by Club 21, the fashion show was held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and was well-attended by celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers and VIPs. It's pretty excited that I got invited by Club 21 to DKNY Spring/Summer 2015 collection fashion show and they styled me in DKNY latest collection pieces.

I am happy to share with you a new look that I wore during DKNY fashion show. This beautiful DKNY bandana print dress is not really my style, something that i don't usually wear but I do love the bandana prints and the silhouettes of the dress. I think we can all agree that these dresses are super cute, sexy and easy to wear. I styled it with 3.1 Philip Lim pashli mini satchel and ankle boots from Lonely Dream store. Specially thanks to MM Production for the amazing makeup and hairdo. 

As always, we took quite a lot pictures before the fashion show start. 

All of us dressed in DKNY latest collection. 

Front row moment and I am enjoying my champagne. 

For this season, DKNY Spring/Summer 2015 collection features a vibrant spring mosaic of blazing red, supersonic green, luxe yellow, cabana blue and graphic ink. There's a lot of bolding beading and mirrored palettes, proportions play of fit and flare, and a kaleidoscope of prints clashing with macro and mini stripes. 

DKNY after party at DKNY store.

So if you're huge fans of the brand you can already head to DKNY stores to check out all the pieces and get your shopping done! Let me know what you think about the collection and which ones your most favorite? 


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  1. Not trying to be rude but I honestly don't get why you don't have a proofreader for your posts. Perhaps get a friend to just spellcheck for you.

    For instance, champagne=/=champaign

    Champaign=A stretch of level and open country; a plain.
    Champagne=A sparkling white wine made from a blend of grapes

    I'm just saying...


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