I have to say, when it comes to beauty products, I tend to be obsessed over lip products the most. Like eyes, lips are also important and is an attractive features of our face. The overall look of your lips can enhance the femininity and sensuality make you look sexier. Just like you take special care of your face, feet and hands, you need to focus on your lips as well. As we get older, our lips will thin over the years and start to have cracks more often. And by trying out different cosmetics on your lips can make them become darker and unhealthy in the long run. I have a dry and chapped lips and I always wanted to have sexy, healthy and plumped lips just like Angelina Jolie. There are many makeup tips, lip products and injections to cover your lips and make it look younger and fuller. But now there's a lip treatment product that gives you fuller, younger and kissable lips instantly without going through painful injection. That is ISKIN New York Lipaddict anti-aging lip tint. 

ISKIN Lipaddict is the latest lip product trend in the market, and I have to say I'm in love. Lipaddict is not an ordinary lip balm or lip gloss, it is an anti-aging lip treatment contains powerful anti-aging ingredients. Unlike any other products in the market, the benefits of Lipaddict include:

- Improves fine lines & wrinkles
- Restores lip firmness & contour
- Contains vitamins, anti-aging berries & plant extracts

- Contain Hyaluronic Acid & organic moisturizing oils to smoothen, soften, moisturize, condition & rejuvenate. 

- Up to 80% increase in plumping immediately after application with no pain. 

- Long-lasting hydration on even the driest and most chapped of lips.

- Enhances the results of lip injection procedures. 

And as if that's not enough, Lipaddict also provides long lasting hydration, it can apply during bedtimes as night treatment and it is safe for use been for pregnant women. I'm not really a lip gloss lover but ever since I tried ISKIN Lipaddict, I've been carrying it around wherever I go. It is easy to apply as it is lightweight and has a non-greasy texture and it has minty-cool feel and scent, which is very refreshing. My lips feel transformed and hydrated for several hours after application.

The colors is quite lovely, a sheer light rose pink tint. It goes great with different makeup looks. I just simply apply Lipaddict everyday, the results not only to fuller and moist, it also makes my lips more youthful and suppler with visibly less lines and cracks. I really like how my lips look so sexy and healthy.

Here are the pictures before I applying Lipaddict. You can see my lips are dry, chapped with visible lines.

This is me applying Lipaddict 205 Sexy Seductress. And you can see the difference after I apply on my lower lip. It really works instantly!

After applying the Lipaddict 205 Sexy Seductress.

Applying 209 Candy Sweet. Such a sweet pink color.

After applying 209 Sweet Candy.

Applying 206 Pink Princess.

The after pictures.

If you're dreaming of having a sexy, fuller and healthy lips instantly, ISKIN Lipaddict is the quick fixes and long-term solution for great-looking lips. The great things is ISKIN Lipaddict comes in 12 shades. So you can choose the one that fits you best or buy the entire set so you can switch between shades depending on your mood.

So where to purchase ISKIN Lipaddict? I got it from SO ADDICT is a specialized beauty online store that offer innovative and advanced functional cosmetics around the world. You can find out more effective and high-quality beauty products from their website and Facebook Page:


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