To be honest, we tend to be busy all the time. I don't know about you, but I don't always have time to go to the mall. I'm an online shopper and I'm addicted to online shopping, so that's what I do in my free time. Not to mention the fact that online shopping is just so easy. Call me lazy, but I really enjoy that I can have something delivered to my house at the click of button. Not only is online shopping fast and convenient, I can find awesome deals that are sometimes harder to find in stores. Today is your lucky day. I'm sharing with you a new online website where you can discover new and exclusive brands and learn about the latest shopping trends. I'm talking about GEMFIVE!

GEMFIVE is the latest online shopping portal where you can find new and exclusive brands offering great deals. With over 20,000 items and 600 brands, you can shop for categories such as fashion, electronics, beauty & health, home & living and mum & kids. Today I'm sharing "not-to-be-missed" daily deals for everyone to discover and enjoy; the GEMFIVE Merdeka daily deals. From 30th July till 31st August 2015, you can log on to to check out the daily deals everyday. Prices starting as low as RM5.80 per item to 58% off on selected products and RM580 for premium items. There are more than 58 participating brands such as Sakun, Beyond Closet, Stella & Jamie, Fred Perry Green Label, New Balance, Laura Mercier, L'Occitane and more! One look at the offerings on the site, and it makes me want to pile them all in my shopping cart. 

I was just browsing around the website and I found some really good finds.
Like this one: 

The Willow Laced Dress. I think it will be nice for small, intimate party with friends. And it looks comfortabke too. 

This is not bad too:
Perfect for everyday wear. Effortlessly stylish, I can almost imagine myself grabbing this dress and run out when I am pressed for time. 

The great thing is the more you shop, the more you save! During this period the additional saving are:

Save RM20 with a minimum spend of RM100 in a single transaction (GEMCash Code: GEM5M20)

Save RM50 with an minimum spend of RM200in a single transaction (GemCash Code; GEM5M50)
Noted: Limited to 1 time use per user and valid for the first 2,000 redemptions each.  

From trendy, work-ready staples to cocktail party dress, there's sure to be something that suits you and the best price that I can't find else where. I'm aiming at Almatrichi, Stella & Jamie, New Balance and more international fashion brands now offering 58% off. All attractive deals. I have found my picks at GEMFIVE!

 What are you waiting for? Log on to to enjoy the GEMFIVE Merdeka daily deals today. 



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