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It’s time to update my invisalign diary! This time I’m gonna show you guys how to wear and remove your invisalign aligners. As I mentioned on my previous Invisalign post, approximately every two weeks you’ll begin wearing a new set of aligners. Currently I’m on my 17th set of aligners. For the best results, I wear my aligners for 22 hours per day. And the most requested questions I received about Invisalign is “how to wear and remove your invisalign”? Well, actually it’s not difficult to wear and remove your aligners. 

Tips on how to wear the first set of Invisalign: Just line them up with your teeth and carefully press them into place. They may feel tight when you first put them in and you will feel slightly pain but trust me the pain is bearable. 

Tips on how to removing your Invisalign: It can be a bit awkward when removing aligners. Find a place to slide your fingernail under the back of the aligners and carefully pry it out. This can be a bit painful, but you’ll set used to it in time. 

Check out my video below.

Here are some little update on the progress of my Invisalign treatment.

The original state of my teeth.

I’m wearing the 17th set of aligners. 

I recommend using the chewies most at the beginning of each set of new aligners. This is the most important part to use chewies when you start a new set of aligners. The purpose of the chewies is to make the aligners are fully seated so they allow for the optimum movement of your teeth. 

I’m getting closer to achieve my prefect smile. If you’re interested about Invisalign treatment, feel free to visit mydentist located at Jalan Ipoh or call them at +603 6252 2011 or visit Invisalign Facebook Page


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  1. Hi, was wondering if you had extractions? I'm wearing Invisalign too but I didn't do extractions, only slimming so I can't really see much progress yet! ><


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