Sometimes my schedule is pretty packed with my works and activities, I barely get any sleep. I go to photoshoot and events during the day, sometimes at night then come home and work on my blog, email, and my design works. By the time I shower and sleep, it’s around 3am. As I get older, I noticed that I have fine lines, some wrinkles on my forehead and dehydrated skin. Because of that, I feel like my body and skin suffers the most so I make sure I find the best treatments that’ll help me look fresh and healthy.

I have always dreamed of having a youthful skin and healthy body and I have to say it’s all about understanding your needs and taking care of it. This is what Body Prefect Ladies Beauty & Sliming Spa aims to achieve for all their clients. Their treatments are specially tailor made according to each individual's beauty requirements. They have services ranging from face, body slimming, body beauty & wellness, bust care, spa and beauty services. All these treatments are delivered with a synergized combination of advanced technology, superior quality products and skilled curative touch for an experience of luxury and comfort. Recently I am in need of taking care my body and wellness. I’ve always had stiff shoulder and insomnia problems.

After a thorough one to one beauty consultation, answering several questions and having my skin and body analyzed by Body Perfect's Beauty Professional, I was recommended to experience Body Perfect's Essential-Balance Lymphatic Wellness Therapy for Head & Shoulders and also Body Perfect's Medi-Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment. Both treatments gave me exactly what I needed.

I do a lot of facials and body care at home, but sometimes it’s so amazing just to have a spa day for a total body relaxation. Body Perfect’s Essential-Balance Lymphatic Wellness Therapy is a unique therapy designed to assist body’s natural lymphatic drainage. It helps rejuvenate and revitalize your body. By having this therapy done consistently, it would improve vitality, increase metabolism, enhanced immunity and result in an ideal inner balance. I have to say, the whole procedure was so good and relaxing, the Beauty Therapist knew I have stiff shoulder and insomnia issue, so she have caringly delivered her best to relieve my discomfort. It was so relaxing. I fell asleep in the treatment room. Just to share with you, the treatment did help improve my sleep quality at night when I got home.  

Second treatment I have experienced.... the Medi-Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment, exclusively available at Body Perfect Ladies Beauty & Sliming Spa. We all know that oxygen is an essential requirement for maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. The treatment incorporates pure 99% oxygen in a pressurized steam to remove impurities and deliver nutrients and hydration back to the skin. I do see a huge difference after the facial treatment. My skin felt so smooth, fresh, clean, bright and hydrated.

They did another skin scanning to further analyze my skin after the treatment. The results were obvious. No lies! Too short a period for any touch ups!

It was a really good experience with Body Perfect Ladies Beauty & Slimming Spa. I’m so astounded and happy with their friendly services and professional skills. I highly recommend both treatments i.e. Body Perfect’s Essential-Balance Lymphatic Drainage Wellness Therapy and Body Perfect's Medi-Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment. It’s really pampering and rejuvenating. There’s nothing like pampering yourself and taking care of yourself to make you feel completely rejuvenated and refresh. Trust me, it’s really worth it.

I have tried out the Sans Soucis Naturkosmetik Pomegranate cleansing milk and Pomegranate toner from Body Perfect. Theses natural skincare are BDIH certified does not parabens and minerals and not tested against animals. I switched my basic skincare to these and I feel that my skin has lesser breakouts and is much more healthier. 

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