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Well, I have some pictures to share with you from our marvelous trip in Shanghai with Hennessy Malaysia. It’s my first time in Shanghai, and I was very excited, even through for only a couple of days. It was a thrill to discover some trendy places in Shanghai. You know there’s something so special in this city. I felt like we didn’t have much time to explore as much as we wanted to. We stayed at the Park Hyatt Shanghai hotel located in the heart of Lujiazui business district in Pudong. I have to say, the Part Hyatt Shanghai hotel is one of the most stunning hotel I’ve ever stayed at and the whole experience in Shanghai was everything I had dreamt of and more. Every inch of this hotel was picture perfect. Not to mention, my room was on the 83rd floor with a best view of Oriental Pearl Tower.

The first day we arrived in Shanghai is almost evening. We took a short break at room and transfer to Maison de’l Hui for dinner. As we had a little bit of time off that night, we decided to go ahead and visit The Bund Bar Rouge for drinks and MYST Club for party. You’ll be able to have a look below at the pictures from the party. Sure we had wonderful time that night.

The next day we had a great breakfast with the gorgeous city view. Like my mom always said: starting your day with a good breakfast is one of the best health decisions you can make.

We’ve got a pretty tight schedule on second day, but also the most excited day! Because we got to meet the gorgeous Rita Ora! Before we heading to Shanghai Himalayas Museum, we went to the famous Cheng Huang Miao; an area famous for Shanghai Xiao Long Bao and souvenir shopping street for brunch. I finally tried the best xiao long bao restaurant in Shanghai; Nan Xiang Xiaolong Mantou.

A super casual look while strolling on the Bund.

As I said, we had a pretty tight schedule but still managed to squeeze in some hunting time to find the cool cafe. Seesaw cafe is a local favorite among those who want full-flavored, fuss-free coffee. It also carries strictly cookies and homemade French desserts.

Before we get ready for the Hennessy Artistry Shanghai event, we got this exclusive interview with Rita Ora. I can’t tell you how magical it felt to able to be there. She is so friendly and gorgeous. I mean, what else could we expect. We are so excited to chat with her about her music. I have to say she is so talented! Thanks Hennessy Malaysia for the opportunity of meeting Rita Ora.

Stay tuned for the next Hennessy Artistry Shanghai Event. 


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