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Hi guys! Please don't hate me because I'm going to be taking you guys on a short tour on my Taipei trip, again. Heh. If you guys have been following my blog, you guys should know that I love Taipei(who doesnt?) and its been a year since I've been there. Needless to say, for someone who travels there so frequently a.k.a. me, makes me feel all sorts of mixed feelings to be there again. Time goes a different pace in different places and some places you come back to you feel that time has been busting along at a terrific rate and its like walking down memory lane. All I can say is, it feels good to be back.Taipei is one of my favorite cities but I have to admit, I’ve never really gotten to explore the entire city because every time I’m here, I’m restricted by time. But this time around, I’m so happy that I’m able to spend three weeks in Taipei city to explore around and of course eat my heart out! I’m not much of a foodie, but lucky enough I have my twinnie Evangeline to show me around where all the best eating spots are. Here below I've compiled a list of places to eat in Taipei and I hope you guys will get a chance to visit them soon :

The main reason I love this place is because of their food and Taiwanese tea made with locally grown produce. In the cafe, we would usually see groups of young people discussing subjects related to the environment of the cafe. The cafe is located on the periphery of the Shida neighborhood. The ambiance of the cafe is homey and cozy with the interior largely decorated with wood. Not forgetting that the food here is lovely and healthy. Ryou Cafe has quickly become a popular hangout for urban farmers, environmentalists, college students and those looking for a green spot to relax. If you guys just wanna relax and sip on some tea, you should definitely visit Ryou Cafe!

Address: No 24-1, Pucheng St, Da'an District, Taipei City. 

I come here all the time whenever I’m in Taipei. The food is delicious and most importantly I get attentive service. The place is also very well-decorated with a relaxed atmosphere. I ordered September Brunch and Rainbow Yogurt, and I can't deny my food is slightly pricy but its worth it because they are very generous with the portion of food they serve. I would recommend you guys to share because its really more than enough. 

Address: 2-1, Lane 14, Siwei Road, Taipei City. 

Well well, something different this time. Le Blanc is a new steak and lobster joint in town. The menu is very simple as you either choose steak or lobster with optional classic sides that come along with desserts like truffled mac and cheese, caesar salad, roasted mushrooms, creamed spinach or broccoli. Just by reading that entire sentence got my mouth watering all over again haha! So anyway, I ordered stick frites, caesar salad and broccoli. For the steak you get to choose the sauce from a few selections such as classic béarnaise, spicy horseradish or green peppercorn. Overall, the steak was tender and flavorful. Other side dishes were decent as well. I will definitely return for the lobster next time!

Address: No. 183, Section 1, Da'an Road, Da'an District, Taipei City.

This is my first time visiting this cafe and I've already fallen in love with their waffles. Its a cute and peaceful corner cafe with beautiful natural lighting and minimalist design. The waffles are delectable and made with high quality ingredients. I would highly recommend their waffle sandwich and brunch menu, its an explosion in your mouth. I will definitely come back again to try the other different flavors of waffles. 

Address: No. 8, Lane 71, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City. 

Okay, after all of the places that I've recommended, you guys are probably already wishing you were in Taipei now, no? My bad for tempting you haha! But I really hope that my list could give you guys a heads up just in case any of you are planning to visit the beautiful Taipei city. I will never get sick of Taipei and I would visit it again and again with no doubt. That's all for now guys, hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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