I have experienced many pinch me moments throughout my blogging career as a blogger and right now I’m about to tell you guys another big moment which is.. I will be flying to New York with the Urban Decay team! Like seriously, PINCH ME ALREADY. Yes, I know I’m travelling again and I’m still overwhelmed by it! One of the questions I constantly get asked the most is what are some of the things that I need to carry-on during my travels? As a frequent traveller, I wouldn’t  say that I’m a pro at packing(hah, obviously). You guys should know, most of the time when I travel, its job related and I usually have to attend events, fashion weeks or do photoshoots. So since you guys asked, I will share with you guys some of the essentials that I always bring when I travel:  

Like I said, most of my trips are work-related so an extra cabin luggage is actually what I need the most! I can fit my laptop, extra clothes like jackets or scarfs, camera, makeup products, etc into it. One of the reason I like to carry a cabin luggage is because you can just put your bags or backpack on your cabin luggage instead of lugging the heavy bags on your shoulders when you are walking through the terminals. Yep, a shortcut to travel with ease!

When it comes to makeup, I’m more favoured towards smokey eye makeup and perfect skin base. You have no idea how much I love Urban Decay’s products! Especially when I need to attend fashion weeks, I really appreciate having a good foundation with great coverage which I can rely on to give me a flawless look. Urban Decay’s foundation is my holy grail. Its my go to foundation whenever I have special occasions to attend. Besides having 100% coverage, it is also pretty long lasting, that’s the best part. Before applying foundation, I will make sure I apply my primer as it is an important step in my makeup routine. The Urban Decay complexion primer works best with the foundation. Lastly, The Naked Smokey palette is great for all occasions, I love its day to night palette. All I are Naked palettes and I will have no problem with my day and night makeup looks. Easy peasy!

My travel essentials are quite basic. I will put on my Ksubi sunglasses, Maison Martin Marginal perfume and Carhartt beanie to save me from bad-hair-day situations, especially from in-flight to arrivals! As for my footwear, I would prefer to stick to sneakers(sneakerhead alert) and my current favourite sneakers would be my  Vans sneakers. They are super comfortable to walk around in and they’re also easy to take off at the security checkpoint and during the long flight. Confession : I like to take off my shoes and leave only my socks on when I’m on plane. Heh.. Pretty sure I’m not the only one. Comfort comes first!

This post pretty much sums up my travel essentials. So for those of you that are about to go on a vacation, do take note and I hope this post will help you guys out!

Till then xoxo

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