Hi guys! Ashley and I were invited to attend the 'U Mobile's Video-Onz' Campaign yesterday at the Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Time Square. We had so much fun during the event as everyone gets free popcorn to enjoy while we test the video streaming. We also got popcorn props for the photobooth session. Popcorn is such a cute theme. Haha!

To coordinate with U Mobile's signature color, Ashley and I were dressed in orange color attires. I wore an orange top with a denim jacket as a outer. 

I'm so excited to tell you guys about the campaign, especially people who can't live without data (including myself)!

Okay so U Mobile has recently launched a plan called VIDEO-ONZ and I'm about to tell you how it works. Basically, consumers get unlimited video without having to use their data on a 24 hours basis. Its like a bonus, no? Yes, don't get excited yet as there's more to come! They have teamed up with 11 different video streaming partner (and more in the future) such as HyppTV Everywhere,Viu, iFlix, YouTube, Youku Tudou, Tonton, Astro On The Go, ErosNow, HeroTalkies, Pocketimes and OnFM to give you a wide varieties of video streaming to choose from! The best part is, VIDEO ONZ is free to all U Mobile prepaid and postpaid customers!

I can already think of so many things that I can do with the free streaming that I get. With out lives being so hectic and such, it really is convenient to be able to spend a little time on our gadgets, providing if we watch videos on it. We can stream dramas or movies during lunchbreak, when we're in the LRT on the way to work or even during our toiletbreak! (Shhhh....) Not only we can stream videos unlimitedly, there are also so many channels we can choose to watch from. Can you imagine how much videos or movies we can watch? K-drama, Hong Kong drama, American drama series, American movies, you name it! The best part is, you don't have to keep counting the data you're using and you can stop worrying about draining your data. Most of us would exceed our data these days because we're unaware of the usage when we're on the Internet. 

Worry no more guys. For those of you who are really intrigues in VIDEO-ONZ, you know what to do. Hopefully this post would give you a little insight of how VIDEO-ONZ works. Have fun streaming guys! 


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