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Although I consider myself as a girl of low maintenance on a daily basis, but when it comes to my makeup, I do take pride in my brows. Trust me! You will know how much brows affect the shape of your face and how they work with your makeup and look good altogether. I always do my brow routine properly. As a girl with thick and unshaped eyebrows, I’m pretty cool with the fact of having bold brows. But getting them shaped can be very tedious, which may require several different products because those brows are just so unruly. 

When I received NEW Benefit Brow Collection, I’ve discovered just how great it is for creating the perfect brow. I’d like to introduce my favorite brow products from Benefit!

Yup, those are my bare brows, ready for some much-needed definition. I start by using Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer. It is a primer before you apply any brow products. If you’re a girl with sparse brows, this primer will make your brows look instantly fuller, thicker and healthier. Here’s a tip: if you wear it overnight and it works like magic while you sleep because it contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brow look thicker and healthier. Or it can work other ways, just apply it to enhance your brow color and extend wear. My eyebrows aren’t exactly thin, but they’re nowhere near as full as they look – they need to be more defined!

This little Ka Brow cream-gel brow is a total rockstar! For the quality of the product and the packaging, I really like it because it blends out well and really defines my brows. I tend to use this when I want bold brow or fill my patchy eyebrows. The whole process takes just minutes for filling, sculpting and defining. The wonder cream-gel formula of Ka Brow clings to my brows in a really natural way, you will still be able to maintain the soft and natural brow or strong and drama brows. It’s also long-wearing and water resistant. It’s pretty impressive!

The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is one of my favorite eyebrow pencil finds ever! I admit I prefer brow pencils and I like to use this pencil as my main brow product. Most of my everyday looks include brows that are shaped and filled in ales dramatic way. I honestly think the reason my brows look good is because of this brow pencil. Thanks to the glide-on formula and the custom Goof-Proof tip. Its so much easier to create the desired shape. My tip for natural looking brows? When I’m done with my eyebrow shape, I will use the comb to soften them a little. I just brush through each brow a few times until I’m happy with the result. This brow pencil is a really great buy if you need a little help in the eyebrow department.

If you feel pretty happy with your brows already, give it a little extra something to help them look perfect. I will definitely go with the Benefit Gimme Brow. I find my brows looking a little flat, although they have a great shape I they need a bit of volumising. This fibre gel doesn’t just tint the brows or simply comb them in to place. The custom, tiny tapered brush is amazing for setting brows in place, and it combs my brows to fullness and definition. I really like to use this fiber gel for outdoor activities because it is water-proof and long wearing, assuring that your brows don’t smudge or melt off in the heat. 

The NEW Benefit Brow Collection is the perfect addition to my makeup bag, not only does it shape me some pretty brows but it also really boosts and defines. For those who are interested with this NEW Benefit Brow Collection, it will only be available on and Sephora retail stores from 23rd June onwards.

Step up your brow games now, girlies!


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