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Are you able to spot the fake Rick Owens at first glance? 
Fake Rick Owens is never a good investment, it's the biggest fear of all Rick Owens enthusiasts and it's also a shame that people sell fakes as the real deal. If you think you find the price quite reasonable and you think the owner is being honest? Well, think again. Because these factors do not guarantee you that those shoes are authentic Rick Owens.

Awhile ago, I have burnt my hard earned money on a Rick Owens Crust leather jacket that I thought was authentic. The fear of receiving a fake item in the mail is far more worse than buying a pre-loved one without a great condition and it literally drove me crazy for a while. It saddened me, but I learned my lesson, so I am thankful for the experience. And now, I'm quite confident in my ability to avoid fake Rick Owens and of course I have a die-hard Rick Owens enthusiast (my boyfriend) to assist me. Here below are some tips to help you spot fake designer items in general, not just Rick Owens.

1. Be store wise
If you're buying online, I strongly suggest focus more on reputable sites and check whether they guarantee authenticity. For example, Vestiare Collective and Ragtag Japan products go through authenticity and quality control processes to ensure they are genuine before being sent to the buyer. If you don't like to do 'online-shopping', you prefer the traditional bricks and mortar services, the best place to go would be renowned stores or fashion outlets. I believe the staff should be knowledgeable enough when you question them about the pedigree, quality and guarantees concerning the designer item.

2. Investigate the seller
You have to admit that eBay and Yahoo auction are still the best places to hunt grail pieces although you'll have to search through a bunch of uninteresting clothes before you see anything that catches your eyes. I still love to surf on these sites but I never missed to size up the seller and check their complete listings, and the most importantly check their feedbacks. I probably am not the most welcomed buyer on these sites because I constantly ask for more photos of the actual item if the seller only provide stock photos. 

3. Do your research
Most fashion forums have an authentication thread. Visit more niche forums like Styleforum, Reddit, Superfuture and StyleZeitgeist because these forums can actually help you to gain more knowledge. There are plenty of users that are willing to share their experiences and authentic look at their photos on the forum so that you're able to compare them to those other sellers and educate yourself. If you know a certain seller with good authentication standards please do not hesitate to ask for their opinion. 

4. Google your item and know it well
The best way to recognize fake items is to look at the details. The designer label, sizing tags, the material of the item, stitching details and the zipper are the main details to look out for when distinguishing a fake item from a real item. If you're not familiar with the items, Google it and compare the details. There are thousands and thousands of information on the internet if you are willing to spend time to do your research on it. Despite being cautious, there’s still a high possibility that you may purchase a fake item.

The more experience you have the better you'll be at authenticating. It's a shame when you get caught at customs because of carrying fake items abroad. It is actually illegal in some countries. Also, fake items are not only illegal but bad for us, as a society.

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  1. Hey guys,

    You said in the beginning that you got duped into purchasing a fake owens jacket. I'm looking online and can't find any guides for authenticating the clothing, only the shoes. How did you go about authenticating that jacket? Am purchasing a jacket myself and am curious as to how to go about this.



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