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Duo Gigs has rounded up a list of the perfect coffee slash brunch spots in Taipei city. Any of these cafes provide a comfortable environment. Another reason why Evangeline and I were so excited to visit Taipei, because of the food! Besides Taiwanese food, there’s a lot cool cafes in Taipei. So if you guys are planning on going to Taipei, here are 3 of my favorite brunch slash coffee spots you have to visit. 

Costumice came highly recommend by our Taiwanese friend. This cafe has A beautifully designed, inviting, rustic space. Also a very distinctive outdoor patio, it is a nice place to sit and relax. The staff are very friendly, the coffee is excellent, but really you need to get the Honey Toast. The toast was my favorite thing we ordered. The toast was fluffy with a crispy crust covered in just enough of butter and honey. Costumice Cafe has an extensive beer selection and wine by the glass, for the caffeine-cultured with friends who are less caffeine inclined.

No. 6, Alley 71, Lane 223, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Wooden furniture, simple decor, warm lighting. Duomo Cafe is a two-story cafe offering coffee, waffle and brunch. Duomo Cafe is a popular cafe just off Anhe Road in Taipei.The atmosphere is chilled and laidback. Duomo is best known for its waffles, they have a wide selection of sweet toppings for the waffles. However, I would recommend the bacon toast lunch platter which are also delicious. Thick, juicy slice of bacon wrapped around buttery toasted bread! There are seasonal and even daily changes to the vegetables used.  Expect something a little different each time you order a dish.  You can come here for brunch, afternoon tea  or dinner. 

No.16, Ln. 217, Anhe Rd. Sec2, Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Another place where you can have a peaceful morning and afternoon is Megane Cafe. A stylish cafe offers an attractive Japanese style menu in a cozy environment with plenty of reading material in Japanese, English and Chinese. We loved the decor of the place and could have easily sat there for the whole day. The reason I chose this cafe because it looked quite interesting with its Japanese inspired drinks and food fused with a smart niche interior. The cafe’s snug interior features a palette of natural wood finishings, framed black-and-white photographs and paintings. I ordered their famous salted salmon and spicy cod roe onigiri set, the set includes two rice balls and a few side dishes. I immediately fell in love with the nigiri. Trust me, you can taste the difference from the common onigiri. Yum! 

No. 6, Lane 52, Siwei Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


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