This post is not about how to be a selfish jerk. I still believe ​that ​thinking ​on behalf ​of other people can bring you a lot of satisfaction. But the cruel fact is​ that​ not everyone is grateful. ​Sometimes when you put others before yourself​,​ ​the result you get may be unexpected. ​What's the point of always being the one who gives but receive no gratitude in return?​ To put in clearer words, you can still help people but make sure to always keep this reminder to yourself : To make others happy, you have to be happy.

It's ​really​ important to ​stay​ happy​ and look on the bright side​, don't waste any chance to make the best ​out ​of your life. You can't cheer anyone up if you are in a shitty mood. And yes, putting yourself ​first ​before others is considered to be selfish, but​ if you​ think​ ​long term​,​ doing what make​s​ you feel good actually works out best for everyone, so why don't do it once in a while? You should save yourself from disappointment.

Second​ly​, your health come​s​ first. It is important to take  good care of yourself. Spending too m​uch time looking out for other people and receive no gratitude is kind of ​like a ​slow-suicide. For example, I've skipped my meals ​to clean my best friend's mess, and now I'm suffering from stomachache. ​You get what I'm trying to say? There are time​s ​whe​re​ others should ​be ​absolutely​ ​put first, but there are also times when you should save yourself from taking risk of your health.

You need to understand the reason behind your self​fishness first. We ​are ​all human, we all have flaws. What I have learned from ​my lesson is we should help others but we should not sacrifice our happiness and health​ for others​.

Third, not all types of selfishness are harmful. If a poor father managed to gra​b​ some food ​and ​keeps it to himself without sharing it, you really can't call him selfish cause ​he can​'t​ provide better for his family. It all depends on the circumstances. If a rich man doesn't even share a little bit of his food with a hungry poor kid, than he really is a selfish man. You need to realize​ ​the reason behind your selfish behavior. It is okay to be a bit selfish.

Lastly, you'll have better relationships. Being selfish in a relationship isn't a bad thing. To be a healthy, grounded person, you need to be selfish. If you still act​ ​like a naive girl, "I do all these things for you - I'll fulfill all of your needs - so that you'll then give me love,'' your relationship is vulnerable. The best relationships happen when two adults show up and​ appreciate each other.


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