I was a chronic complainer. Yes, yours truly. I used to like to complaining about the weather, the traffic, the blogging jobs, the place I live, the food, and everything I hate. My partner and my team hated me a lot in that time because I was acting like a total b*tch and keep complaining and spreading all the negative vibes on them. Until recently I realized that being consistently negative will makes my personality towards the negative (Thanks to Cherrie always telling me the truth all the time, and willing to snap me out of my funk). Of course, express the feelings of pain, disappointment or dissatisfaction by complaining is our natural response and make us feel better. But in reality, complaining is almost never a positive reaction to our circumstance. In fact, there are many negative outcomes to this reaction. For example, complaints spread negativity and it fosters a negative attitude. You have to understand focusing on negatives always brings about greater negativity, and complaining doesn't change our circumstance. 

Overcome the habit of complaining doesn't mean allowing you to become someone else. Of course, this is far easier said than done, but it is quite possible. You have to accept the fact that life is never perfect, nothing stays the same. The very first thing you need to do is you can change the way you think:

Instead of complaining, you can choose thoughts and words that will lead you toward a solution.
Instead of complaining, you can focus on all of the blessings that you have.
Instead of complaining, you can choose to be mindful about how you're thinking about these things.
Instead of complaining, you can choose to express your emotions rathe than complain.
Instead of complaining, you can choose to allow yourself vent a little. 

Again, there is nothing easy about any of this. This about challenging yourself to do something that's lead you to be a more happier person. Let's be honest, I'm not saying I'm suddenly the most optimistic person in the world. I still may complain every now and then. But believe me, complain less helped me to avoid repeating my mistake with others. Shifting your focus to the good can make it all a little easier to deal with. 

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