Paris, France

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Do try to speak French until someone switches to English. It’s always appreciated, usually considered cute, and most importantly a sign of respect for the culture.

Don’t insist on continuing in French once it becomes apparent the person clearly speaks your language way better than you speak theirs. It will seem rude.

Do respect sacred mealtime traditions. In Paris, meals are about stopping, sitting down and enjoying the ritual of eating, usually while having a conversation. So do enjoy your food while having a little bit of a chit chat.

Don’t try to sit at any cafĂ©, with your laptop open during lunch hour. This is massively frowned upon as all tables (including yours) are designated for people who are actually eating between 12:30 and 2:30. If you need to keep working, at least order something to ward off waiters. Be considerate and give your seat to those who are really in a rush. 

Don’t get flustered if a stranger bold-face stares at you in the street, particularly woman to woman. The longer she stares you down the better, as this is almost definitely a sign that she’s into your look. In Paris, fashion is serious and merits serious investigation. Be proud, be nice and return them a polite smile.

Do shop like a Parisian. A few posh essentials from Merci and APC will create the perfect base. Then fill in the gaps with the world’s greatest vintage offerings from Thanx God I’m a VIP, Killiwatch, and the Marais’ various Free’p’Star stores.

Do take a walk. Trust me, Paris is a walkable city and it’s often the least annoying way to get around. As you’ve probably read, walking everywhere is a key reason French women are slim. You’re already there, go explore! You can rest all you want when you’re back at home.

Do get your detox necessities at Juice IT or Good Organic Only. It’s not a mirage: Paris’ budding health-food scene now includes trendy, wifi-having spots where smoothies, cold-pressed juice and organic salads.

Don’t expect to leave satisfied from any of the above locations without forking over at least €20. This is Paris. The democratization of health food has yet to come.

Do visit the ultimate French pharmacy, CityPharma, in Saint Germain where Rue Bonaparte meets Rue du Four. Brace yourself for crowds at almost any time of day.

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  1. I recently moved to Paris and I approve all of the tips ! I'd add a recommendation to try La guinguette d'Angele's organic lunchbox while catching some sun at Palais Royal park. And a brunch at Wild & The Moon !


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