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Hey guys! In today's post, I will be talking about all the places that you should or must visit when you're in Seoul. My last trip to Seoul was so awesome that I really want to share it with you guys because I don't want you guys to miss out on these popular spots if you're ever going yo travel there! 

Whenever I'm traveling, I always try my best explore as many places as I can. When I was in Seoul,  I stayed in an apartment that is very near to town and all the tourist posts are just within walking distance. It makes things so much more fun because as I walk I get to experience the city life in Seoul. 

The reason I was in Seoul was for the Seoul Fashion Week but bedsides that, we were lucky enough to be able to visit many other places! Areas like Garosu-gil, to Sinsa-dong, Apgujeong-dong and Hongdae are where you'll find cult-favorite South Korean labels and cafes with nice ambience and artsy. 

I've complied a list of the places that you ought to visit when you're in Seoul:  

Line Store, Myeong Dong

Line Store is a multi-story store selling all kinds of merchandise along with a unique Line Friends themed cafe. Though I'm not a big fan of Line characters, but we juts couldn't resist to taking photos with it. If you love the Line characters, you should definitely visit this place because you can take unlimited photos with your favorite line characters! Also, you musty their ice creams because they're all so cute!

Common Ground

If you didn't know, its the world's largest cargo container shopping mall.  With approximately 200 cargo containers located at the pop-up shopping mall, the four-storey building is a favorite haunt of Korean students, and its as hipster as you'd expect it to be. The clothing is trendy, young and fun, but not really my kind of style. If you come across something you like, you better grab it before it's too late - these indie labels won't be around for long. And if you love taking photos like we do, you'll love this places because there are so many photo opportunities! We did a little photoshoot over there because we love the minimal design of the container.

3CE Cinema

3CE is a 3 floor movie-themed cosmetic store. There is a powder room on the ground floor where you can try the makeup products for free! There is also a beauty salon there. I'm so impressed with their beauty salon concept. Everything is in pink! Although I'm not bug fan of pink but I still camwhored like crazy in there. Every corner of the beauty salon is great for photos.  

Gentle Monster Flagship Store (SINSA GAROSU-GIL SEOUL KOREA)

It is one of the craziest glasses store ever and the design of the store is so creative that I can’t even put it in words. You’ll have an interesting experience at Gentle Monster’s showroom, as it is more than just a showroom, but a playground and a gallery. The 3-storey showroom is like a museum in itself. On the ground floor you will find an exhibition on how Gentle Monster sunglasses are made. Very interesting indeed! I ended up buying a pair of sunglasses myself. The best part is, tourists get tax-free shopping at Gentle Monster!

I bet after reading this post, you’ll want to go to Seoul as soon as possible because all these places are so attractive! Not forgetting, Seoul is a shopping heaven. As a shopaholic myself, I would want to go to Seoul again and I won’t even get sick of it. I hope you guys enjoy this post. 
Till then xx. 

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