Seoul, South Korea

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More from Seoul! I was thrilled to wander around town with Evangeline. Besides Seoul Fashion Week, we explored the dreamy streets, ate a truckload of desserts and capture every moment that we thought was beautiful. And the best place to explore would be Myeongdong, a shopping district that is very popular among locals and foreigners. We both went crazy shopping for skincare and makeup in Myeongdong. Because this place is filled with all the popular Korean beauty stores such as Etude House, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, Innisfree and more! The best part is the prices are cheaper and they have the tendency to give out free product to try out! No joke!

If you need a break after all that shopping, there’s a cute pink hotel in Myeongdong where you can go in and relax yourself. We are talking about the Stylenanda Pink Hotel! Like an actual hotel, the five-storey flagship store is split up into different areas. Lobby on the first floor, the Spa is one the second, Rooms on the third, Laundry on the fourth, and the Pool Cafe on the fifth floor. I have to say that every corner in the store is perfect as background photos!

The Spa floor has a wider selection of 3CE beauty products. There’s a nice makeup space set up with plenty of gold-framed mirrors and marble sinks. Also, there’s a bathtub filled with flowers, it’s beautiful! 

On the fourth floor is the Laundry Room. There are vintage washing machines and dryers set up there along with a selection of their clothing and accessories. 

The Pink Pool Cafe is located on the fifth floor, along with bit more clothing and a wall stacked with jeans. The cafĂ© gives out a 1950’s American vibes. In the cafe they have a small menu for coffee, tea and selected desserts. 

We ordered the cotton candy ice cream. It looked really pretty, but the taste wasn’t all that great. But never try never know, at least we enjoyed taking photos with it.

If you think that’s all, nope! I can tell you that there’s still a nice little rooftop lounge. You can just relax on the giant ruffled pillows and enjoy the Seoul weather on the rooftop. 

To be honest, the both of us aren’t really big fan of Stylenanda, we accidentally found this pink hotel while we strolling around Myeongdong but I’ve to say that we were really impressed with their pink hotel concept, it really caught our eyes. It’s a super pretty store and definitely worth checking it out So if you’re a fan of StyleNanda, we definitely recommend checking it out. 

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